Saturday, August 29, 2015

Today we're totally gonna celebrate...ME!!!!! Yes! I said it. You are! lol

That's right. We're gonna celebrate me for 24 man candy infused hours. Because I'm fucking awesome. *nods*

And my day.

There will be no mention of the b-word. Dooooon't do it!

However 'Happy Saturday's are more than welcome.

How are we gonna celebrate the gloriousness that is mwah?
With the most perfect day...ever. Of course. <grins>

Starting with my favorite tea...

PS. This may go a little NSFW <grins>. Naughty celebrations of the B-word that will not be named will also commence on the Tumblr page once I wake up. They'll be...totally NSFW.

a little stretching to get all the kinks out...

There's gonna be breakfast. In bed.


Followed by a hot soak or a quickie shower.

Alas, there will be no jet setting to Paris to let the French bask in my splendor.

A girl does have to work, after all.

But maybe a morning ride around town *raises eyebrow*

and enjoying the day doing all the things that make me happy...

There will be some naughty. But first.

A little reading in bed.
It is my "Saturday" after all.
Reading will totally happen.

Gonna play a bit online too

And indulge in a glorious afternoon nap.

And snuggle.

Gonna get everything flowing after that nap with a little arts and crafts.
I totally got an adult coloring book for my Saturday.
Alas, not an adult one. But still fun with it's cock free self.

Someone else will tidy the house.


And wrangle the herd.

While I do nothing

but wait for the pretteh pretteh UPS man to bring me new pretties to pet

and doing a little day dreaming about Winter and the heat going away...

Then on to a hard workout...

Pfffft kidding! Cookies. There will be cookies.
Gotta keep up my strength, ya know?

We'll definitely have some laughs too.
Think I'll stop by Things My Dick Does to see if there are any fun new adventures...

And then a little 'Saturday' dinner. Vegetarian, of course.
Only one type of meat we eat here <looks around innocently>

A quick scrub...

and getting gussied up for a night on the town...


for a little evening entertainment.


Erm. Not that kind (that you need to know about).

But definitely hanging out with friends

 for a show...

and having a couple drinks


And a little music to go with.

Totally having penis "Saturday" cupcakes.

And "Saturday" pie.

Just in case the candles cause a little trouble <fuck me but there are a LOT of them these days> these guys will be on the job...

Maybe for "Happy Saturday" Spankings too?

There shall be NO singing (unless it's Ed Sheeran)
And the only acceptable use of the B-word shall be in this form.

I'm totally on board with the prezzies though...

Yay for new toys! 

I mean.

Moving on.

Then back home to snuggle down for a little more reading...

before heading to bed...

And realizing that maybe, just maybe, things get better with age.

And that "Saturday" wasn't so bad a day after all. 

Especially with fabulous friends to celebrate it with :)


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