Friday, July 7, 2017

3 stars-- A Princess in Maine (McCullagh Inn #3) by Jen McLaughlin

A Princess in Maine was a cute little catch up with newlyweds, Chelsea and Jeremy, who run the McCullagh Inn in Maine.

This time...they're planning a wedding that will put their little Inn on the map. A royal wedding at that! The clock is ticking, though, with only two months to plan the entire wedding and doing complete secrecy. Woo!

"No. Don't let go."

He lowered his forehead to mine, kissing me sweetly. "I'll never let go, Chels."
Chelsea and Jeremy. I do like these two. He's a romantic, she's a little bit jaded. They're a fun duo and compliment each other nicely. It's been fun watching them meet again as adults, courting, getting married and now seeing how they're handling marriage and everything life throws at them. Love just flows off these two. Even when they're frustrated or angry with one another you can still see that love shining through. It's sweet and heartwarming and just makes you sigh.

The mystery/suspense is where I struggled a little. It was super fun watching them plan a controversial royal wedding that's happening at their inn and trying to figure out who was trying to sabotage things. But the plot twist didn't make much sense and dots weren't really connected. So I wish that had been planned out better

Overall, though, A Princess in Maine was a fun couple of hours spent on a hot Sunday afternoon. A lovely couple, some laughs, a sweet romance and royalty! What's not to love?

The McCullagh Inn is hosting the event of the century.

Chelsea Holland is used to dealing in secrets, and this one's proving to be the most exciting one yet: her old friend Grace is marrying a European prince, and Grace wants to host the wedding at the McCullagh Inn. But is Chelsea willing to put herself and her inn in the public eye--especially after being on the run?

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