Wednesday, July 26, 2017

3 stars-- Sold to the Shiekh (Club Volare #1) by Chloe Cox

Sold to the Sheikh was an entertaining read, though, damn it had me chanting 'fuck her fuck her fuck her' more than once. There was a hell of a lot of foreplay as Sheikh Bashir and Stella spend a weekend in kinky exploits at Club Volare after he literally buys her time and the privilege of being with him.

I really liked both Bashir and Stella and the somewhat taboo set up of him basically paying her for a weekend of sex after buying her at a club auction she'd stumbled into when walking through the wrong door one night. Both were nice people and felt realistic, honest and natural despite their unusual meet cute. I enjoyed getting to know both of them. Their strengths and their insecurities and seeing them both change and grow a bit during their time together.

Now the sexy bits. There's some definite sexy going on but dear lord talk about a serious case of sexual frustration. At least for his cock. And, well, maybe me. lol For a BDSM erotica things go so slow. Yeah there's some fisting and some public nudity and orgasms and a bit of finger action but actually sealing the deal? It took forfuckingever. And then was a bit lackluster since it happened in two fairly detail-less paragraphs. *hangs head in reader girl frustration*

I really liked the bones of the story, the characters and setting but in almost all aspects I needed just a little... more. There are some hot scenes--like her being on display for the club and getting a little action--that had potential to really make a girl squirm but that just didn't go quite far enough.

While Sold to the Sheikh didn't completely wow me it was still an enjoyable read and a pleasant way to spend a couple hours. I'll definitely be giving Cox another read and look forward to spending some more time in Club Volare. It's an interesting place and quite posh for a BDSM club and it really caught my attention.
Stella Spencer is grateful for any job she can get after her divorce, even if it's at her friend's exclusive BDSM club. And Club Volare proves the perfect place to hide while she mends a shattered heart--until she interrupts an auction scene, and the powerful Sheikh Bashir al Aziz bin Said decides that Stella is the woman that he wants.

At Club Volare for one last wild weekend before his family requires him to settle down, Sheikh Bashir doesn't expect to find a woman he can trust, or a woman who challenges him. But Stella Spencer is a challenge, all right: both vulnerable and guarded, beautiful and insecure, and a closet submissive. Only, Bashir is convinced she's hiding something.

Stella is afraid to open her heart to love again after the way she's been hurt, but Sheikh Bashir wants to be the Dom to show her who she truly is--and Sheikh Bashir always gets what he wants.

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Have you read Cox? What did you think?
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