Wednesday, July 26, 2017

InstaWed-- Cats. ALL THE CATS!

Here's what we've been up to the last couple weeks...

Human. It is BabyG time.

When all the things come at once and you just don't know where to start. Eeee!
I made an amazon order. And my Vegan Cuts subscription box came. And a mermaid tail. More on that next time...

When you wanna read and your babe is like NOPE!
BabyG time! No book for you.

I said NO BOOK FOR YOU! -BabyG

Just cus. #cutie #herdboy #thatface

Cat nap!

Ready to tackle the week! It's going to be massively busy. I need to get so much done. Ee! 😬 I love the date boxes. I need to do them more often lime this, I think. ❤

According to G the appropriate response to your nemesis stealing your window bed is to show your displeasure by peeing on your mom. 
This is Monday when you're a cat mom. 😨🐈

Lunch! Eggplant and Sun-Dried Tomato Linguine from #HelloFresh. 
Very tasty!

Me!! A little pink after yard work but I survived. Mostly. It was hateful hot and 'felt like' 107 so I was done and out. And only one spider induced shriek and recovered by reading Tessa Dare for the first time.

And like a minute later. I think it's crazy how different I look in the two. At least to me even though they were taken at practically the same time. 

PSA for today. 
Spent Saturday at the lake for Silent Book Club. Walked, ogled some Marines and a random shirtless runner. Visited, had some weird vitamin water and read on some Cara McKenna

A little Sunday reading with BabyG. I'm so glad Charlaine Harris started writing this series again. ❤📚

When your weather app is honest. And not at all wrong. lol

Isit the weekend? I'll come out when it's the weekend...

It's the weekend! (well, was) Mom's all... we have two whole days to get a TON of stuff done around the house! And I'm all.... bwahahaha you mean #Nap

Alright. New week. The heat is making me snarky apparently. 😸 📝 Book release, USO, blogging, house ish stuff. Herding the herd. Cooking things. Reading things. One week closer to the mini vacation. Ee!

New purse!! A risky one being white but I couldn't help myself. Plus I had a gift card. Woots! 

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