Thursday, July 13, 2017

Planner Girl 101: What Kind of Planner is THAT?!

Yall know I'm a bit addicted to my planner.
I get asked all the time what I use and how I do my layouts so I thought I'd start a new feature... Planner Girl 101.

First up? What Kind of Planner Is That?!

I get asked this so many times each week and it's both simple and complicated because I'm... difficult and couldn't use just ONE planner brand. 

My current planner which yall see on Instagram/Facebook is...

It's what you'd call a Disc Bound system because the spine is held together with solid discs and the paper is specially cut to slip on and off those dics. 

There are a number of systems that work off this and the fabulous thing is you can use them interchangeably for the most part! And that's what I've done.

Cover: Happy Planner (1.99)
Binding: Staples ARC discs (3.99-14.99)
Pages: Office Depot TUL dotgrid (4.99 for 50 sheets)

See! I told you. Simple but difficult! lol

Then what I do is called Bujo or Bullet Journaling.
Basically you start with blank pages that are covered with a dotgrid pattern.
So my entire planner looks like this page originally.

Then I add the design elements for each page.
Here are some examples.

This is where I found my "planner peace."

I LOVE this system. I like that I can change it up every week.
That I can be a little creative.
Or go very simple. You really don't have to be artistic at all.

The other thing I love is you can mess up and make it part of your design. I mess up on mine ALL the time and just go with it. Own that bitch, right? lol
The July Goals one... I flubbed the title and, eh, add a bit more ink and it's fine.

So that's what I currently use and love.
There are just SO many options with it!

That's it for my first PlannerGirl 101 post.
Next time I'm thinking I'll share about different types of planning: Vertical/Horizontal/Hourly/Bujo

If there's any particular topic or question you have let me know and I'll see what I can do!

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