Friday, July 28, 2017

How Do You Organize Your Books?

How Do You Organize Your Books?

I have a LOT of print books and right now I'm in the process of changing my system! Eek! 
It got me thinking and figured this would be a fun post.

In the Past.

I've always had two main sets of book cases (then a lot of random little piles in other rooms).  Both the living room and guest room have a wall-to-wall bookcase. These are old pics from when they were first set up so they're a bit more stuffed now. lol

Living Room: Has my print TBR pile. All the ones I plan on reading. They're organized by first letter of author's last name. So all the Cs are together on a shelf but in no particular order on it.

Guest Room: All my FINISHED reads. They're organized by author but not alphabetical. So all my JD Robb's are on a shelf but they're next to my Evanovich series. I do this by feel. So my favorites are in the middle, least favorites are in the difficult to reach bottom shelf. Similar authors get mashed together sometimes (so like Shalvis, Gibson, McCarthy-- that's the pink shiny shelf)


I'm changing things and going by genre! And I'm adding a wall-to-wall in my bedroom.

Living room: My paranormal and urban fantasy and true crime. 
Guest room: erotic and mystery. 
Bedroom: contemporary and historical romance.
Kitchen: Cookbooks/Housekeeping

And all the smaller genres I have will be tucked here or there where I find space.
My shelves now will hold all of a series even if I've not read every book in the series yet. I'm kind of excited about that.

Anywho. How do YOU organize your print books? 

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