Sunday, July 9, 2017

In My Cart-- Degusta Box-- Food Noms!

I LOVE trying new things. A while back Mary over at Dark Thoughts Degusta boxes-- they send you a box of full sized food goodies (and a few samples) to try each month. And, yall, I was like yes, yes, I need to check this out!

This was my first box from back in April. Kinda fun!

I've never had lingonberries! Yay new things!
I was SUPER excited to try this jam from Felix.
It's pretty good, too!
There's some texture going on with the berries but I didn't mind it.
It's good on a toasted english muffin.
Power bars are SO iffy.
But I wouldn't buy one again.

These Lovely Candy Caramels were SO good!
And made the box worth it. lol
Chewy, sweet, hit the sugary spot.

Zenify Stress Relief Beverage (website)
I'm not so sure about this stress relief Zenify. lol
I don't think it's something I'd go out of my way to buy but it wasn't bad.

Wilton Salted Caramel Candy Melts (facebook)
The Candy Melts. OMG yum! Yes. I need more of these in my life.

I really do plan on trying all of these. I just haven't had the need for any of them in recipes yet. But they look pretty good to me.

Nando's Garlic PERi-PERi Sauce (facebook)
MUTTI Tomato Paste (website)
Steel Cut Maple & Brown Sugar Oats (facebook)
BUSH'S Hummus Mix & Garbanzo Beans (facebook)

(or given away)

I'm a vegetarian so subscription boxes can be hit or miss. This one had a few items I just couldn't I found them new homes.

I was really excited to try these. I love a chip/cracker. Buuuut....they're made of cricket flour. Yup. Cricket. Flour. lol What in the world?!

I don't drink coffee so that went to my mom. And the chicken went to the USO.

I've gotten three boxes so far and really enjoyed them.
This first one had a lot of items I couldn't eat.
It's okay, though, I know I'm a special case with that and don't mind giving items away that I won't use. So no waste or regret.
I still enjoyed checking out all of the random items.

Want to try it out?
You can use my link for $10 off your first box.
So it's only $9.99 Not bad!


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