Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4 stars--Savaged Dreams (Savaged Illusions Trilogy #1) by Jennifer Lyon

Sooooo. First off. I'm Jen's assistant. But she didn't know I was planning on reading Savaged Dreams. I kinda just...did. Yes. I sneaky read it. lol

And I enjoyed it quite a bit. Sexy rockstars, a fiery-fierce heroine, the drama of an up and coming rock band. It was an exciting read and had me pretty glued to my e-reader all weekend.

The Gist: Justice and his band are competing on a reality show for a record contract. Part of the gig is a publicist to help them win. Well, a baby one since Liza is still working through school. If they win she'll get a summer internship she desperately needs. Romance? Pffft neither has time for that but damn if they can seem to help themselves.
"You like me." Teasing her was too much fun.

"I tolerate you."
Yeah. I liked these two. Justice was all seriously swoony hero complete with a sexy mouth he knew how to use. Taking things real dirty or making a girl melt from the sweet. And Liza has smarts, determination and a caring heart that have pulled her through a traumatic past.

They were hot together. Some steamy sex scenes and some swoony romance. Plus some laughs. Every once in a while they'd do something stupid but what I appreciated was they reacted appropriately after things settled down and owned up to their dumb moments.

So there's sexy, and there's flirty and light hearted. But there's also some drama. These two have both had some hard moments in life and are a bit fucked up by them. Some that came into play during the competition. A predator from her past and his father dealing with PTSD. Some scenes were hard to choke down and whew they had me a bit riled as I read. But I liked that Lyon included some real life issues and realities.
"So we're setting the rules, right here, right now. Those are my feelings, and we don't silence those. Not mine and not yours, got me?"

Never had she been lectured and loved it so much. "Yes."
All in all, a fab start to the trilogy. Savaged Dreams did end with a cliffhanger which yall know makes me stabby but it was announced and enough of the storyline was a complete (the competition) that it was still satisfying while peaking my interesting in more of these two and how their romance will turn out. So, nicely done!

Going away to college gives LIZA GLASNER a chance to escape her painful and dangerous past…or so she thinks. At fourteen years old, she survived an attack by a famous musician. After that, the media, groupies and crazies hounded her with a merciless cruelty that ruined her life. But now she’s thriving—until an internship brings her face to face with the sizzling hot lead singer of a rock band, and she finds herself drawn to the very thing that once destroyed her. Justice is a temptation she can’t resist…and one that could get her killed.

Sexy rock star JUSTICE CADE is determined to take his band, Savaged Illusions, to the top by winning the Court of Rock T.V. show. Tortured by guilt for failing his family, he believes fame is his only path to redemption. But when the fiery college-intern hiding her beauty beneath baggy sweaters and a snarky attitude bursts into his life, Justice is forced to choose between the woman he loves and the stardom he craves. The wrong choice will cost him more than he can bear.

**This is book one in a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. However the next two books are being released in July and September so readers won’t be stranded on the cliff for long!

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(book 3 isn't available yet but will be out in September)

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