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4 stars-- Savaged Vows (Savaged Illusions Trilogy #2) by Jennifer Lyon #QuoteTastic

First off! I actually work for Jennifer Lyon. I don't usually read Jen's books now that I work for her but something about this series drew me in so I decided to sneaky read it without telling her. Bwhahahaha
I had a good laugh at this quote. Plus it's steamy. And maybe a little sweet, too. These two have been together for a while and he's a rock star now and having to be gone on the road. So a little reunion of sorts :) 

She wrapped her legs around him, finding his hard cock and rubbing her pussy along his shaft. 

He snapped his head back at the feel of her. Gripping her hip, he pressed her against the fiberglass shower wall and eased his cock inside. "I planned to take you to dinner or pick something up, then fuck you."

Her smile widened. "Plot twist." She tightened her vaginal walls, ripping a groan of pleasure from him. "I'm going to ravish you, then you can take me to dinner."

He grinned. Beth looked a little tired, but he could almost feel the pressure of the last few weeks falling off her shoulders, freeing this wild streak he loved so damned much. "I fucking love your plot twists. And you."

So. Yes. I cried. Then had to go eat a pint of chocolate chip hazelnut gelato. Lordy. Savaged Vows put me through the ringer right along with Justice and Beth. 

The Gist: Even though Justice's band didn't win the reality show they were on they're forging ahead on their own and recording an album, going on a tour, and dealing with the rock industry. And it's putting Justice and Beth's relationship to the test as the weeks go by and life starts rearing it's ugly head.

I really adore Beth. She's a strong woman with a kind heart and who's been dealt a lot of blows in life but keeps fighting. And Justice is a great guy trying his best to be what everyone around him needs. 

The romance. Yall. It's different. They spend a lot of the book apart because of his band tour. You could still feel the romance and love between them even when the lifestyle starting getting hard and putting the stress on them. 

And whewboy was life dealing them a lot of stress. A surprise pregnancy, a predator from her past causing trouble, working with Justice's father who has severe PTSD. Betrayals and heartbreak, pressure from the band (Yall, they made me mad! I love them but also wanted to beat them with their musical instruments just a bit), and just every day life. It was hard to seeing them deal with it all. Frustrating, inspiring and heartbreaking in turn and left me pretty torn since I felt for them both. Beth especially. She just ripped my heart out with how supportive she tried to be despite feeling left behind and hurt.

All in all, Savaged Vows pulled at the heart. Lyon touched on so many difficult issues including PTSD, abandonment and cutting which can make for some difficult to read scenes but goodness are they powerful. I'm seriously wanting the final book of the trilogy so I can see how these two will survive everything they've been through. And, yeah, there's a doozy of a cliffhanger happening. Args! But it is warned about right up front. 

Despite her dark past with a rock icon, Liza Glasner can’t walk away from the man she loves with a fiery passion—sexy rock star Justice Cade. A surprise pregnancy and marriage give Liza the family she’s craved since she was fourteen. But her love is tested when Liza’s worst nightmare—Gene Hayes—bursts onto the scene, spreading lies and smears to tear her and Justice apart. Can Liza trust Justice to choose her over fame?

Justice fiercely loves his beautiful and resilient wife Liza, and he’s determined to protect her from Gene Hayes. At the same time, he’s loyal to his band. The four other men in Savaged Illusions are his brothers, and together, they are battling hard to come back from a humiliating defeat. But just as the pinnacle of success is within their reach, Justice discovers a truth that will either decimate his band or destroy his wife.

Secrets and betrayals explode in a heartbreaking twist that threatens to rip Justice and Liza apart forever.

Savaged Vows is book 2 in the Savaged Illusions Trilogy, and ends in a cliffhanger. Book 3, Savaged Devotion, will be released in September 2017.

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