Sunday, July 30, 2017

In My Cart-- Random One-Clicks! Owls, Elephants & Horse Heads!

So. Yes. I like to shop. There are just SO many pretties! Pretties that want me to be their mom! It's so bad, yall. lol Thought I'd share some of them and what I thought. These were all pre-No Spend June.

Owls! I love my owl pots. I couldn't resist the cute. I've not figured out what I'm going to use them for exactly but I will find them a use! They each fit in the palm of my hand. I might attempt succulents.

Great buy! (Amazon)

I used to collect elephants and every once in a while one will call to me. I thought this guy was pretty cute. He's actually a silverware strainer. Forks and such go in his back and the water comes out his trunk. I've been using him for pens, though, and love him.
Tooth brushes would be good, too, I'd think.

Worth It! (Amazon)

I was desperate for some outdoor deck lighting. My trees block even moonlight. I was trying to avoid a pricey electrician so found these motion sensitive lights.

They're pretty darn strong! Each is hand sized (I have two of the larger size, as well). They charge quickly and give off a LOT of light. Easy to install with just a hook.

Worth it! (Amazon)

Total impulse I NEED IT buy. Horse head squirrel feeder. Yeah. It doesn't come with anything to hang it from so there's that issue. You get to rig something on your own. It does need to be very close to the ground obviously. My squirrels weren't impressed, sadly. The bird feeder was more tempting.

Worth It? Eh. Not for practicality but funny for a gift. (AMAZON)

I LOVE these note pads! I've gotten this one and the What To Eat pad. I'm slowly getting them all. Nice quality and a good size.

Worth It! (AMAZON)

Pretty and it smells wonderful!

It's been a long time since I tried a new perfume. I tend to stick to the same two I've used for like a decade plus but I was wanting another option. It's lite and has a summery vibe.

Worth It! (AMAZON)

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