Saturday, July 15, 2017

Life Reboot-- Triangle Shooting Academy!

Last year I started a Life Reboot. I'd gotten in a rut and needed to break out of it. Some house projects, some health projects, some get-me-out-the-house-and-try-new-things projects. And I'm having a blast with it!

Whoa! It's been a LONG time since I've done a Life Reboot post. This past June I knocked one thing off my list. I went to the Shooting Range!

I've been wanting to do this for ages! One night a radio ad came on about a local place that has a women's basic handgun class. All women class and a female instructor. I thought that would be a great place to start!

Yall. It was a blast! Honestly. The most fun I've had in a long time. 
Plus it was educational and pretty dang empowering. 

The Triangle Shooting Academy is about 20 minutes from my house and just up the road from where I do book club every month.

I also loved the feel of the facility. There were all types of people. Men and women, black/white/hispanic, all types of ages and fitness levels. Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging.

It's a gorgeous facility with an open lobby, shopping area and a cafe with lounge.
Some man candy, too. lol

The cafe was great! We had lunch there since our class was so long.
 They actually had multiple vegetarian options-- sandwiches/wraps/burgers-- on the menu and everything I had was delicious! I was pretty impressed with that.
I got a free cookie, too, because my order disappeared. lol #NotTurningThatDown

Our class was held in the VIP lounge because the other classrooms were out of commission or in use.

There were seven of us in the class. I was the youngest and the eldest was 80.
Some had a little experience shooting on a farm when they were younger but everyone was pretty much a beginner.

A nice view, too. There's a pond and ducks that the previous property owner comes out to feed. lol

The class was six hours long. About four of that was in the classroom learning safety procedures, mechanics, how to deal with malfunctions, types of guns and variations, cleaning your equipment, etc.


My gun is currently empty. lol I'd already finished shooting and emptied my gun. No magazine and chamber empty. Safety, yall!
One of the girls was taking pictures for us.

We spent about an hour and a half in the firing lanes.
Since I don't own a gun yet I rented from the academy.
It was a .22 which is WAY too small for me but worked well enough.
Next time I'm going for something a little bigger hopefully.

I think I did pretty darn good for only having shot a gun once before and 15 years ago at that! Not bad, right? Even for a wee little gun. lol

Yall. Really this was a fantastic experience.
I'd like to eventually own a gun for protection and just for practicing at the range.
They offer a Handguns 2 class I'll be taking in July then I'd like to do a tactical and defense training class. I'm pretty damn excited.
Total day cost right around $100. Not bad when you consider 6 hours of instruction, gun and safety equipment rental and lunch.

Anywho. If you're in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area I'd definitely recommend the Triangle Shooting Academy. And if you're not in our area? Check out what's around you. Even if you never plan on owning a gun it would be a great idea to go in and get comfortable with them. You never know what type of situation you're going to find yourself in and being prepared is always a good idea!

Have you ever been to a shooting range? 
Take a class or learned at home?

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