Monday, July 10, 2017

Memes! Memes! New Books, Eats&Reads , and Waiting on Wednesday!

I combine a few memes in this post so you might have to scroll down just a little to get to the one you're looking for! 

July is going so fast! It's been a pretty good week. Nothing major happened which was nice for a change. Just relaxed, worked a bit, blogged a bit. Started working on the charity auction I'm hosting (if you'd like to donate an item let me know! It benefits the USO) and getting ready for a trip to see my family in August. So not bad at all.

Well on the book front I was WAY bad. lol

*covers link to Amazon

For Review
I took on two review books this week. Already finished/semi-reviewed When the Scoundrel Sins and halfway through Bailey's book. So feeling good on that. 

I was bad. Real bad. And I have no shame!!! lol
Took a wee bit of advantage during  the Entangled 99cent sale. 😼
I stuck to series I needed to complete and authors I love. Plus Katee Robert's books because I've been meaning to read her for a long while.


Snagged a few freebies as well.

I've been a bit off with Bailey lately so was a little nervous going into this one but I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. Woots! (Amazon)

While TTT is on hiatus I'm joining in on the Book Blogger Hop hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.
What is your go-to drink and/or snack while reading? 
Most of the time I don't eat or drink while I'm reading. I'm not a long term reader and usually only read a chapter or two at a time so I don't need to keep my strength up. lol 

There's usually a bottle of water on the bed but that's it.

Why I'm Waiting:  This cover is AMAZING! I'm a coverwhore. I won't lie. This was my first time reading Salsbury and the whole cover thing and I was in. lol
When Sawyer's sister died, she had one wish: that Sawyer live life to the fullest. Now Sawyer is giving into her fate with the flip of a coin - heads or tails? Searching for her flight at the airport, Sawyer bumps into a handsome stranger...and suddenly fate doesn't seem so scary.

Aden Colt is ticking time bomb. After leaving the Marines, unpredictable flashbacks, a hair-trigger temper, and paranoia make adjusting to civilian life hell. But he can't seem to keep his distance from Sawyer. Even the best intentions can't rid a soul of its scars, and between the two of them, Sawyer and Aden have more than their share of wounds... 

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