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QuoteTastic/Review-- A Ballroom Temptation (Countess Scandals #3) by Kimberly Bell

I've really been enjoying Bell's series. They're lively, romantic, full of sexy heroes. What's not to like?

So today's quotes. I have a couple.

This first one cracked me up. I love finding letters or other written correspondence in books and this one. This one was one of the best. It's a birth announcement from the first couple of the series to the current heroine.
(I took out little bits of dialogue between the heroine and her aunt as she was reading the letter since it was just the letter I wanted to share)

Dear Ladies of the Bailey Clan,

I have been asked to serve as my wife's proxy in writing this letter. She apologizes for not writing you sooner, but our offspring very recently clawed it's way free of her womb and immediately began destroying our lives. Never have children, Miss Bailey. You will never sleep again. I know Mathilda is far too sensible to fall for a trap she has already avoided.

Seamus Charles Dalreoch entered the world with an excessively dramatic flair on January twenty-second, year of our Lord seventeen hundred and twenty-eight. He made his imminent arrival known in the midst of the evening meal, at which time my mentally unsound wife attempted to pretend absolutely nothing was amiss.

My wife is insisting, on threat of divorce, that I inform you that nothing was amiss and the traitor Morag assured her the birth would take a great deal of time and it was not worth getting excited about too early. That information proved to be a lie, as my son was screaming and disturbing the peace well before the proposed time for the dessert. (I will be exiling Morag from Dalreoch lands just as soon as I can find a man brave enough to remove her.)

I welcome you to return as soon as possible and relish your civilizing influence upon the ungrateful pack of heathens I am surrounded by, so that I might finally know and hour's peace.


Gavan Dalreoch, Earl of Rhone.

(and Hannah, even though she selfishly chose to lay abed dictating instead of writing you herself.)
 And then there was this little moment between the heroine and hero. He'd let her do something and, well, she was having a bit of a meltdown over it....
"Are you insane?"

"No. I just trust you."

"Well, you shouldn't!"

"It's too late. I put myself in your hands, and you took excellent care of me. The trust has been built."

"Un-build it," Jane demanded.

Yall. A Ballroom Temptation was SO much fun! I busted out laughing all through the book. The characters were quirky and wonderful. The romance left me smiling. It was just a lovely time.

Basically Adam's been called home after a decade in the Americas in order to find a wife. And Jane's family has recovered from financial ruin and her brother wants to treat her to a proper Season. Less than pleased would be an understatement and after a couple encounters they decide to be each others safety nets and hopefully survive the Season without either of them winding up married.

I really liked these two. Jane's a curious heroine. Very nervous and goes through these odd fits when stressed where she's either manic/obsessive or goes catatonic. It took a while to figure her out but goodness she pulled at my heart strings. And Adam. Woo! Sexy! He likes hard work, has values and morals and just wants to get back to working his land in the Carolinas. He's no desire to be a peer or be part of Society.

I liked how he calmed her down and was really there for her when panic would set in and she'd have an episode. Definitely easy to fall for him.
The only problem I had was the very ending. It felt very rushed/unfinished and desperately needed either an epilogue or another chapter which dropped things to a 3.5 rating. But overall I really had a blast with Bell's latest. Romantic, steamy, laugh-out-loud funny and full of characters that simply stole my heart.

Arriving for the season in London, the always-proper Jane Bailey hopes to pass unseen and unheard—and return home unwed. She has already suffered enough at the hands of the ton, not to mention her cruel ex-fiancĂ©, Geoffrey Pembroke. Adam Clairborne has similar plans. Though his father called him home from the Carolinas to find a wife, he wants nothing more than to return to his life of freedom in the Americas.

When Adam saves Jane from an unsavory encounter with Pembroke, the two become allies in navigating the mire of the social season. But as a mutually beneficial alliance turns to genuine affection, it becomes clear that their plans may be foiled by their own hearts. 

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