Sunday, April 30, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- All the letters left lol (N, V, X, Y, Z)-- New Art, VeganCuts, Xtremely Weird Eggs, Yard Art, Zillions of Pens

Yes. So. I'm catching up and posting a slew of letters in one post since it's the last day of the month and I was lazy. Ha! So. N, V, X, Y, & Z.

New Art!

I went to our spring arts festival this weekend and found some new and, erm, eclectic additions to my household. I love the whimsy. And the rooster's sassy attitude!

Vegan Cuts!

I'm slowly transitioning from vegetarian to vegan.
And making my house more animal friendly and cruelty free.

So I signed up for VeganCuts. It's a monthly subscription for either beauty supplies or snacks that are vegan.

I've gotten two so far and I'm liking it. Not every product but that's okay. It's neat to try them out. And, I've found a couple I really liked. I'm getting my first vegan snacks box in May. So we shall see how that goes :D

Check it out HERE

Xtremely Weird Eggs

Ha! Had to make it work somehow.

I got this egg YEARS ago when I was in Paris, I think. Like 18-19 years now. Damn. And it sits on a shelf in my room. Funny since I don't actually eat eggs anymore. But decorating with fake ones? Sure!

Yard Art

I got this cute little kitty today, too. Rustic and whimsical.
Perfect addition to the pots on the front steps :) 

Zillions of Pens

My hand lettering supplies. lol

My Theme Is... things in my house. 
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