Friday, April 14, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- Elephants

Years ago I collected elephants.

I was obsessed.

Elephant jewelry, paintings, figurines, Christmas ornaments, tapestries, little stools, mugs, stuffed animals... you name it. I neeeded it. lol

It's been years since I really collected elephants but I still pick one up now and again. Or my mother or someone will give me one as a gift. A good number over the years came from gifts, actually. Once people realize you collect something, I swear, that's all you ever get again. lol

I think there's an elephant in near every room of my house. lol Right along with glass balls and books.

Some of my favorites...

My mom got me this one. All spoons and other silverware. I think he's rather adorable.

A cookie print.

And a little foot stool. He's rather beat up but still rather dashing.

And that's E. Which happened eventually.

My Theme Is... things in my house. 
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