Friday, April 28, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- Opa's Desk

One of the things in my room is a little brown desk--well, now it's red--but it's been brown for most of it's life.

It's had a very long life. 80 years or so. And the last 20 with me.

Before that it was my granddad's desk when he was a little boy.

I call my grandparents Oma & Opa so that's why the O post for this one. lol

Anywho. After my great grandmom passed away my mom, my grandmom, a friend of mine and I went to Texas to clean up her house and pack things away. And I was allowed to pick some items I wanted to keep.

This little desk wasn't much. It's been through a lot and in her later years my great grandmom became a bit confused and thought there was wax on it so kept sanding it. So it's finish wasn't even that pretty.

But it had history and I love that connection to my granddad. He was a terrible student-- one of his teachers even sent a note home that "Bobby was easily distracted and wouldn't go far in life" ::snort:: He was a brilliant man with a passion for inventing and who did wonderful things things in his life but we always thought that was pretty dang funny. The letter is floating around somewhere still. Wish I could have found it for this post.

I think of him sitting at his little desk and grumpily doing homework or studying and it makes me smile.

I've had the desk for a good while now. And it's gotten even more beat to heck including some nibbles from a dog at one point. The plan--and I'd so hoped to have it done for this post but, yeah, well-- is to sand it all the way down and paint it bright red. It'll move from my bedroom where it currently is (wall to wall bookcases are going to replace it) and have a spot on the upstairs landing with some stationary for writing my grandmom each week. Hopefully that'll happen in the next few months.

And that's O.

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