Wednesday, April 12, 2017

InstaWednesday-- I Made Parfum, Yall!!! Woo!

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

Eee! I think I'm actually a week late with this one. Oops! So. LOTS of photos then. Yes, I have finally gotten my Instagram mojo back. I think it's official. lol I've been having a great time formatting photos and doing challenges over there. Anywho. On to the happenings this past few weeks...

Retellings are my catnip! I'm loving this series from Lecia Cornwall. Snow White and the Scottish Highlands? Good Sweet Mary. I'm in! lol

Art, books, lettering. Xenophile, indeed. I used to love traveling all over the world. With the herd I'm more of a homebody these days so I get my traveling fix through my reads. Kind of fun to see where all you can go. A couple in Ireland, Scotland and France. A little time in Australia or Italy. *happy sigh* What setting do you love to read about?

I've lived in my house for near 15 years and only recently decided to start going up to the lake. Kinda kicking myself for that. It's a beautiful spot to have half a mile away. I'm trying to go up there once a week now to walk, have a little think, do a little reading or just have breakfast.


And there are ducks. #morningview #nature #calm #duck #lake

Morning, guys! I don't know about yall. But reading keeps me young. I love having a new adventure every day. And omg how freaking cute is this cover from Lia Riley? I think she looks like Taylor Swift. It was a super adorable read, too!

When you live with letter with cats. They were a spot zealous in lending a paw of assistance today.

Kelly the Cat likes to go on walks with me. He's not supposed to but he's a sneaky bastard and slips out of the house. He now has a leash and harness we'll be attempting soon.

When you're learning to letter... nothing is safe. Not even the grocery list! lol


 Yeah. BabyG sleeps tucked in. And usually being held. lol #pampered #princess 

Learning to make parfum at the North Carolina Museum of Art with Escentuelle. This was pretty fun. There were about 20 people in the class and we built our own scents from base notes to heart to top notes.

I am seriously in love with this next week's #bujo spread! I was having a total sassy moment with it, too. lol It'll be a busy week here. Gah can't believe it's the last of March! Some USOing will happen and I'm finally going to tackle the last of my bathroom remodel. Sweet Mary. Any of y'all ever done home modeling? ::shudders:: lol

Someone may have been feeling rather, erm, sassy when working on her plan for the week. Maybe. 

Y'all. The food noms. So good. I've been getting Hello Fresh food boxes for a while now. They send you the ingredients for 3 full meals and steps for making them. This has been so much fun! I'm pretty food adventurous and even still they've introduced me to a lot of new ingredients. I knew everything in this one -- spring green gnocchi--bit it was delicious and super easy. 

Anywho. Totally recommend them. If you want to try it out theres a link below for $40 off your first box. I get a credit, too. Yay!

Bwahahaha. Reading His To Keep by Terri L Austin. New to me author. Having quite a time with it and the hero's bits and bobs. #currentread

Getting a little practice in. Found an Ed Sheeran lettering challenge. Eee! And pairing it with April Hunt Books's Holding Fire. These two met at a Thailand bar. Had a steamy one night stand and she was like thanks aaaaaand I'm out! Then... Found out he was her new security detail. Oops!

This... Was pretty dang good. Cauliflower and Lentil Dal. Noms.

One of my favorite things each week is working on my planner spread. It's been fun having that bit of down time to get a little creative. Trying something new this week and instead of breaking things down by day I went with 9 lists of things to focus on. We'll see how that goes. Eeps! Our big family thing is MoTheCat going in for a dental. I'm so gonna be a nervous mama. Anywho. Y'all have any big plans?

#BabyG decided that maybe her new cat bed was cool, too, and not just the box it came in. 

The view during this morning's walk. Trying to find a little peace and get ready for the week. #morningview #nature #contemplation #calm #skies #lake

Any of y'all Immortals After Dark fans? It's one of my original favorites. Today's #edsheeran prompt reminded me of Nix the Ever-knowing. aka Nucking Futs Nix. 

When you're #SouthernCats and you just can't with the cold. #tuckedin #60istoocold

Cowboys! Noms! I loved this book by Kari Lynn Dell. Gorgeous cover, sexy rodeo hero recovering from a injury, a heroine returning home to figure out her future, a second chance at love and some swoon worthy romance. Total book win. 

My #currentview. This is how we nap. . . . . . . . . . . 

 Trying something a bit different for my dailies. Going to try a 24 hour time tracker. I'm a little scared. lol Other than that trying to finish up a bathroom remodel. And reading. Hopefully lots of reading.

#MightBeMonday when 2 hrs after you gave up looking for your hair clip you find it attached to the front of your shirt. Yeah.

We've kicked winter goodbye. It's been gorgeous here. Spent a little time sitting at the lake with a pretty new arrival a friend got signed for me. Woo! Love Jill Shalvis and this series. Anyone read it?

Never had I seen such beauty before. Feeling the blues tonight. So pretty! What's your favorite cover color?

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