Thursday, April 6, 2017

4 stars-- Sabotage (Under Covers #2) by Jessica Linden

So so fun! Sabotage was a super quick read and one I couldn't put down as Abbie and Jonathan both find themselves dealing with some suspicious happenings and someone trying to discredit them. Seems someone has it out for them and, whew, it's sure testing their relationship something fierce.

Sabotage is a follow up with the same couple from book ones, Bodyguard, where our lovely heroine was actually the hero's bodyguard when he was on the campaign trail. It was neat checking in with these two and seeing where they were relationship-wise. He's ready for more but feeling a little off balance since she's the badass in the relationship and had been his bodyguard. And Abbie's totally in love with him but a spot squirrely when it comes to moving things forward. So a little hitch. lol But they're nice together. Have some steam, have the romance and love. *sigh* I liked seeing them deal with their individual hang ups.

And then the drama. Whew! Someone's definitely targeting them. Setting him up to look like a thief that's made off with campaign funds and taunting Abbie as well. It kept me curious and engaged trying to piece things together with them and figure out who was behind their cyber attacks. I didn't quite figure it all out and love that. And loved the ending and seeing these two weather the storm and come out stronger because of it.

Linden definitely delivered with a bite sized read that hooked me right off the bat and left me fully satisfied.

The Most Dangerous Kind of Love

Secret Agent Abbie Whitmore is used to putting her life on the line, but she's never endangered someone she loves. And now, Congressman Jonathan Lassiter is embroiled in a political scandal--and it could be all her fault.

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