Monday, April 3, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- "Blue Plates"

As long as I can remember there's been a little side table leading up to my grandmom's dining room and on the wall right above it are the family "blue plates". They're actually Danish Christmas Plates but they're just the "blue plates" to me.

The plates have a year stamped on them and are for birthdays and my grandparents anniversary and other things like that.

I always loved looking at them. There are some in the kitchen as well.

I think they're pretty neat. There are two companies that make them. Royal Copenhagen and Bing and Grondahl. They each do one design a year and that's the only time that years plates will be made. They make a set amount then destroy the design plates so they can't be made again. And they've been making them for 100 some years. Neat, right?

When I moved away for college my mom got me a blue plate for my apartment and now it's at the house right over my stove. This one is a Bing and Grondahl plate. I do have a Royal Copenhagen as well but it's in storage somewhere. You can tell the difference between the plate companies by the border. The Royal Copenhagen always have a border around them.

I don't get back home to Florida too often anymore but it's nice to have a bit of our family tradition right in the kitchen so I can see it every day. <3

And that's B.

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