Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- Wolf Statues

A long time ago I was a Wolfpack.

And our city decided to do an art project to bring recognition to the red wolf which is endangered in our state. They made a bunch of life sized statues then artists and companies decorated them and they were put all over the place. Schools, businesses, parks, etc.

And I was maybe a little obsessed with taking pictures of all of them. And maybe one of them kinda, maybe, sorta, came home with me.

Okay. I so didn't steal it. I swear! These suckers are fucking HUGE!

There was an auction at the end of the art project and I went to it. I was like 19 and it was my first "on my own" charity event and yall I was so nervous! It was downtown at one of the museums and everyone seemed so fancy.

Some of the statues went for serious bucks-- $6000+. And college kid...that just wasn't happening.

But then there was one. He's not the flashiest or silliest of wolves and he was shunned. *sniffes* I was so sad for him that no one wanted him.

So I bid.

And so it came to be.

That a wolf that was bigger than my (eventually) 140 pound dog came home with me. To my apartment. And then I was left going, erm, now what?

Well. He went in my bedroom bay window with his head peeking out through the drapes. At the time Zack was still a puppy and he came slinking in the room and froze.

Yeah. My boy wasn't all that brave and went running to the other side of the apartment. Eventually he screwed up his courage and came back in. Slinked up to the wolf, licked his paw and...bolted again. lol He was so damn cute!

The wolf now resides in the backyard and peeks around the side of the shed and watches over the back yard.

I bet he and Joe the Opossum are good friends.

And that's W.

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