Tuesday, April 18, 2017

4 stars-- The VIP Doubles Down (Wager of Hearts #3) by Nancy Herkness

Nancy Herkness totally charmed me with her Wager of Hearts series. Three sexy alpha males who in a drunken moment made a bet. A bet to... find true love. How stinking cute is that? Yep. They have one year to find the women who make them swoon. So much fun! The VIP Doubles Down was all about Gavin-- the writer with a massive case of writers block and a damn hard time trusting anyone. Especially women.

So. Basically everyone is worried about Gavin since he's WAY past deadline and dude is wound up real tight. His agent is figuring maybe if they can get all tense bits sorted out his writerly bits will get flowing again. And in comes Allie-- the physical therapist-- ready to whip him into his shape. Much to his dismay. He really just wants to be left alone to have a good grumble.
Gavin slid off the massage table and reached for his shirt, his torso twisting so his muscles stretched and flexed in ways that made liquid heat flow through her. He'd also just demonstrated that her work had relaxed him.

"You look like you're moving more easily," she said.

He yanked his shirt down over his head and scowled at her. "Damn it, I am. You just had to ruin my bad mood."

"I've been called obnoxiously cheerful." She grinned at him.
I really loved these two. Gavin's all growly and cranky. A bit cynical and jaded. And Allie's pretty much his opposite. And not at all afraid to give him hell when he started getting ornery. They had a fun dynamic and whew boy they had some steam between them! Even if they resisted real hard early on. It was nice seeing both grow as people and deal with some life issues along the way, too.

The writerly aspect was fun and totally relateable. Seeing what Gavin went through with trying to get his muse back after 8 long months of writers block. Seeing the two work together to get his body back in sync with his mind. With bringing his characters and world back to life. It was neat seeing that side of his life and how she inspired him.

All in all, The VIP Doubles Down was an excellent addition to the series. I love these guys and the women who won their hearts. Sweet, sexy and sporting a little sparkle. Herkness has a new fan for sure. I'm really hoping some of the secondary characters-- like their doctor friend-- get their stories told as well.

Gavin Miller, the billionaire author of a bestselling thriller series, struggles with a grim secret: he hasn’t written a word in more than a year.

Writer’s block is killing his spirit and jeopardizing his contracts with his publisher and his Hollywood producers. Prodded by his agent, Gavin reluctantly agrees to see Allie Nichols, a sassy physical therapist tasked with treating the novelist’s severe neck and shoulder pain—and maybe his writer’s block, too.

The tempestuous Gavin and no-nonsense Allie soon find themselves entangled in a steamy affair that sparks Gavin’s creativity again. But their manipulative ex-lovers and Gavin’s lingering childhood scars threaten their happily ever after. Can Gavin and Allie find their way to love when the stakes are high and the obstacles are overwhelming?

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