Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- the Doll House aka When Santa Done Screwed Up

So one snowed in Florida!

It did! It really did!

I swears it. And Santa? Well. Santa lost his shit.

Because seriously... snow in Florida.

Yeah. That year, Santa? He left me an unfinished doll house.

*taps fingers*

Mmhm. Apparently he and his elves are master procrastinators and we're like...we'll get it done. No worries.

But Santa. Santa didn't think about snow in Florida when he was twiddling his thumbs and messing around with something else instead of getting the job done.

Didn't think that when it snows in Florida... all hell's gonna break loose. And powers gonna go out.

And he maybe won't be able to see enough to finish putting in the checkered bathroom floors. Or wall papering the walls. Or, you know, putting in the staircases so Barbie can get to the loo!


So Santa left me an unfinished doll house and a bag of doll house innards. And a letter of woe for his shoddy planning. Bastard even ate my cookies. *shakin' my head* Shameful.

25some years later? Yeah. There's still an unfinished doll house and a bag of doll house innards sitting in *someone's* craft room. ::snort::

*okay a semi- photo because the craft room is currently storage during a remodel and I can't get to the doll house for a good pic. lol

And that's D.

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