Friday, April 28, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- Kitties in Cages

So. If you've been around for like even 2 minutes you know there's an actual herd. And they are a handful. A. Handful.

It used to be the herd was a peaceful herd. They all loved each other and snuggled and there was never any fighting or even dirty looks.

And then we became a household of punk cats who are full of sass. 

And one day. Said full of sass kitties pushed their mama too far.
Too far! And their mama? She had Amazon Prime and real cheap shipping and suddenly there were kitties in cages.

LOL yeah. The girls now have "time out" zones. The four of them all get put away when they've just had a bit too much and have to cool down and take a nap.

Gladys then Addi then Cleo then Fran.

Daphne sometimes uses Cleo's cage.

Holy cow. It made life SO much better! They do come out, of course, but never at the same time because cat fights will happen (like today between Fran and Gladys) if they are. And it's never fun.

So they have their safe spaces. Funny thing is I think they actually like it. They'll put themselves to bed sometimes even if it's their turn out of the cages. Gladys is actually in hers now sleeping in her igloo even though her door is open.

I got them off Amazon for anyone curious!

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