Saturday, April 22, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- Stained Glass Windows

A few years back I went to the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together up in Ohio.

It was such a good time getting to meet authors and reader friends for the first time.

And there was a silent auction to benefit a couple different charities.

I decided to play and put tickets in for a bunch of things. Then found out one of my reader friends, Nikki, had put in for one of them too. And it was on. lol

A stained glass window that was just a touch erotic. It's a couple entwined in each other.

Aaaand oooo I wanted it. Nikki? She did too.

And wouldn't you know...I won! Woohoo! *snap*

Some salty words might have been brandied about over that. Mmhm. But it's still hanging right in my dining room window. lol

The next year I went back and actually won another stained glass window. Only thing I won from the auction. This one a cheeky striped kitty which fits the herd, yeah? It's hanging in my bedroom :D

I do have a stained glass butterfly that I made a handful of years ago when I took a stained glass class. I'm rather proud of him. I know butterflies freak me out in real life but I'm cool with artsy ones. I broke his hook a couple years ago and really need to fix that so he can hang in my window. For now he's usually on a bedroom shelf :)

And that's S.

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