Sunday, April 9, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- Glass Balls

For years I collected glass balls. My ceiling of my bedroom back home was covered in them.

And now my house has them in pretty much every room.

I can't remember WHY I started collecting them but I was obsessed.

Any time we went on a trip I'd buy one. Or if I just saw one around town. Then my mom started getting them for me for holidays.

I've probably got a hundred of them and then some at this point.

Excuse my crummy photos. It's 12:06 am and I've been up about 21 hours and, yeah, pretty pics just aren't happening. lol

Anywho, I love all of the different designs. Colors, shapes, textures.

A few have broken over the years. Usually because I've snapped a blanket a little too hard and hit one... ergs! And those usually end up in a fancy glass bowl...strategically placed, of course.

Ooo! I can give you a pretty pic since this one was already done. lol On the far right case third row down you can see one of my broken balls (it's green) sitting on an elephant statue. It fell and broke the hook. So now it's a 'globe'.

Its been a while since I've bought one but I do keep my eye out for them when I'm out and about.

And that's G.
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