Saturday, April 15, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- Medical Lab Cart

My granddad was a pretty amazing guy. He worked at the University of Florida and was an inventor and medical doctor.

He passed away about 10 years ago--damn I miss him--and one of the things our family had to do was clean out his medical lab that was on campus. The lab he'd been in for...decades. I totally get my packrat tendencies from him, yall. lol There was a LOT of stuff in that place. Some things we could toss, some things that were archived, and then some things we got to keep.

I love funky and unique things and mix matching items and one of the things I wanted was this vintage lab table. Well, when it was his it wasn't vintage but now I think that'd be the label on it. lol

I probably SO don't want to know the things this table saw but I still love it.
I cleaned it up best I could but the decades left their mark.

I kinda like it, though. It fits the house with it's shabby chic look and adds a little quirky to it. I keep it in my kitchen and the little drawer is now lined with cork and holds kitty and pup supplies.

I like having a little something of my granddad's in the kitchen with me.

And that's my M post.

My Theme Is... things in my house. 
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