Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- Italian Kittehs

Over the years I've gotten to travel a number of amazing places. About 10 years ago we went to Italy for a friends wedding.

We ended up going for two weeks and took our Italian neighbor (my grandmom's best friend) who had never been to Italy and her son who was adopted from there 40 some years earlier. We went all over the country and visited some of my favorite places. From Vince to Capri, Sorrento (my favorite especially at Christmas!) and Rome.
We stopped at Cassano delle Murge where her mother had been born and spent the night in a hotel cave in Matera where Passion of the Christ was filmed before heading to the wedding in Bologna and visiting the town where our friend was adopted. It was a lovely trip and memorable wedding. A full service in Italian. The bride was Indian (adopted by an Italian family) and wore traditional wedding attire. The reception even more interesting. Delicious foods and a show. There was a belly dancer in a tiny jeweled thong that performed for all of the wedding guests. Quite the thing! lol 

Anywho. I always try to always bring a little bit of art home with me from wherever I've traveled.

And this time it had a kitteh flare. 
I think I got him in Capri. My memory is terrible but I'm fairly sure. lol

He hangs on my second floor landing next to a clock I got nearly 20 (gah!) years ago in London.

I think he's rather dashing.

My Theme Is... things in my house. 
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