Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Monthly Herd-- April-- A New Herd Addition!! (squeals!)

So. April's over in like 2 hours (as I type). I know it's said like every month but how the hell has that happened already?!! lol

It was a busy month here with working on a bathroom remodel, purging, organizing, I went to a book signing at B&N and met Sawyer Bennet and Samantha Chase plus saw friends Sabrina Jeffries and Erin Knightley. B&N did a terrible job but the ladies were awesome. A couple herd babes had vet appointments. Some USO time. Endless rain (near 8.5 inches in 2 days) and then melting heat. Ack!

The big news at our house?? We have a new addition! Yep. There's now a #HerdMouse named Olivia (Livvy) She's super adorable and curious.

I'm changing ALL of my graphics and updating feature pages so if you click on the drop down menu up there pages are changing. Hopefully for the better. lol Yall will have to let me know. Feel free to pop around and check them out.

OOOO! If you're on INSTAGRAM!
I've started a book pod. If you're interested in joining in let me know.
Basically it's bloggers/authors in a group that help boost each others posts by liking and commenting so they'll hopefully get seen more often in people's timelines :) If you want to join leave your insta handle in the comments.


We'll be hosting the Support the Troops Auction again this year (our 3rd) to benefit the USO where I volunteer.

If you'd like to donate an item(s) please let me know! 

We're looking for signed books, neat swag, jewelry, knickknacks, art or crafts (if you sew, make soaps, etc), professional services (editing, covers, etc). If you have an idea on something we can totally talk it up.

You don't have to be an author to donate. 
Bloggers and readers are welcome to as well.
Please feel free to spread the word to anyone you think might be interested :)

I was light on reviews this month because of the A to Z Challenge. But still got a few in and read some good books on top of that. All were pretty good, too!

Total Reviews: 11
New to Me Authors: 2
Favorite Read: By the Hour or I Dared the Duke
Towards Challenges: 11




This was my 5th year on the A to Z challenge. Not sure I'll do it next year. I didn't love a change that was made to the event and kinda fell off doing my posts. But I got them done and if you'd like to find out more about my life and things in my house you can check them out below :)

And that's it for April! 
Did you have a favorite post? 

If you do a wrap up post link it in the comments!

On to May!

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