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A little Holiday Heat w/ Olivia Miles, Debbie Mason & Katie Lane!

Okay ladies! We've got some HOLIDAY HEAT happening on the blog today with three fabulous authors--I really adore them all--stopping by to help us get ready for Christmas. You know, it's only 84 more days!! Ohs to the em gees! So check out their tips for getting the most out of the holidays and maybe heating things up with your other half ;)    ~Anna

Briar Creek's quaint shop windows, cozy homes nestled in snow, and neighborly residents are what Christmas dreams are made of--for everyone except Grace Madison. She left her hometown years ago to pursue a writing career. But when her father's death leaves his bookstore empty, Grace must return to face why she fled Vermont in the first place: Luke Hastings, who still heats her up like a shot of smoky whiskey on a cold winter's night. Grace is back, and Luke is worried. How much has she changed as a bestselling author in the big city? What memories will she stir up? And was the choice he made five years ago the biggest mistake of his life? Now, with their past, present, and future rocking around the Christmas tree, it's time for Grace and Luke to face the music . . . and the mistletoe.

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  • Secret Santa - Who doesn't enjoy a little mystery when it comes to gift-giving? 
  • Spice Biscotti - The holidays are a time to indulge, and one of my favorite cookies to bake this time of year are traditional almond biscotti with an extra dash of cinnamon and cloves. They just taste like Christmas. 
  • Mulled Wine - I love finding little ways to make everything (even wine!) feel especially festive during the holidays. 
  • Gingerbread Houses - Every December we gather around the table with bowls of candy and royal icing and make an evening of it. As if the smell of gingerbread isn't magical enough, there's something to be said for spicing up the holidays with childhood traditions. 
  • Stocking Stuffers - Presents are wonderful, but sometimes the best gifts come in small packages...
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Psychologist Ellie Simpson is about to get a healthy dose of sex therapy. Leaving her cheating boyfriend behind, she has everything she needs for a quick rebound: Vegas, plenty of champagne, and a proposition from the sexiest man she's ever seen. As her handsome stranger helps her ring in the New Year-over and over again-Ellie finds herself blissfully losing all of her inhibitions. Attorney Matthew McPherson is good at making women lose things, like their minds and underwear. With his athletic build and soulful eyes, he doesn't need to use his powers of persuasion or famous last name to get a woman into bed.  But when morning comes, Matthew finds Ellie is the only woman he can't bear to leave-ever.  It's enough to make him wonder if what happens in Vegas really has to stay there.

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A Romantic Comedy:  One of my favorite movies is The Holiday starring Cameron Diaz and Jude Law . . . because who wouldn’t want a hot, drunk Englishman showing up at your vacation cottage for some wild sex?  And mixed in with the sex are two sweet holiday stories that will leave you smiling with contentment. (And drooling over how bloody cute Jude looks in a pair of reading glasses.)
The Katie Kocktail:  Sometimes, in order to get through the holiday craziness, you need a good stiff drink.  I came up with this cocktail one Thanksgiving after I burned the dinner rolls, ended up with lumps in my gravy, and overcooked the turkey.   The Katie Kocktail:  4ozes blood orange Italian soda (Trader Joe’s has a good one) and 4ozes white zinfandel.  Garish with an orange slice and enjoy.
Something Red:  According to feng shui, the color red brings forth feelings of warmth, excitement, and passion.  So adding a new pair of red heels, a red sweater, or a red dress to your wardrobe is a nice way to spice up your holidays.  “Put on your red dress, baby, ya know we’re goin’ out tonight . . .”
Red and Green Chile:  In my home state of New Mexico, red and green chile are household food staples.  And there is nothing that spices up the holidays better than Christmas (Both red and green chile) burritos or huevos rancheros.  You can make your own chile at home.  But because I’d rather be writing than cooking, I prefer to buy mine in a jar.  El Pinto brand is my favorite.  If you can’t find it at your grocery store, you can look it up on their website and have the hot, or mild, yumminess shipped straight to your house.
Holiday Romance Novels:  There is nothing I look forward to more around the holidays than sitting by a toasty fire with a cup of cocoa in one hand and a romance novel in the other.  I like all kinds of holiday stories.  Sweet to steamy.  Simple cowboys to worldly millionaires.  Desolate, snowbound cabins to big city mansions. (Which might explain why I’ve written holiday stories about all of these.)  If there’s a Christmas tree, a hot hero, and a happily-ever-after, I’m in.  
Thank you, Herding Cats, for allowing me to share my five spices.  I would like to wish everyone a Happy, and Spicy, Holiday Season!!!

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Free-spirited activist Skylar Davis is out of money and out of options. After using up her trust fund trying to save the world, she hides out in Christmas, hoping the kindness of friends will help her forget the reckless actions of her past. All goes well . . . until she comes face-to-face with one of her mistakes: the town's gorgeous young mayor. Ethan O'Connor likes his life drama-free and predictable now that he's about to make the move from small-town politics to the Colorado State Senate. Then Skye blows back into town, as impulsive and passionate as he remembers. If word ever got out about their night together-the night he's never been able to forget-the scandal could cripple his career. Yet as he starts his campaign, Ethan finds that, like the town of Christmas itself, he can't get Skye out of his head . . . or his heart.

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Reporters from the Christmas Chronicle recently asked the town's favorite couples for suggestions to spice up the holidays. 
Madison Lane, now McBride, shared one of hers. After a long day of Christmas shopping and wrapping presents, she recommended spending the evening under the stars in a hot tub with your significant other.  If it's snowing, so much the better. Your partner can warm you up with a massage. From Madison's rapturous expression when she added this last piece of advice, we can only assume her husband, Sheriff Gage McBride, is very good with his hands.
While Gage enthusiastically agreed with his wife about the hot tub, he also suggested that the ladies check out the sexy line of Christmas lingerie that Sophia Dane sells at Naughty and Nice. He has fond memories of his then-girlfriend Madison  greeting him in a red velvet bustier trimmed with white fur, and a red lace G-string. Only he wouldn't recommend wearing it with a Rudolph sweater and red fuzzy slippers like Madison did. Though when pressed, he admitted it didn't diminish the hotness factor.  Since we've read all about that night in their book, THE TROUBLE WITH CHRISTMAS, we know this to be true. Sophia told us to let you know, if you're interested, to order early. Last year she sold out by the end of October.
Skylar Davis and Ethan O'Connor may not share the same political views, but they do agree on how to spice up the holidays. The fun-loving couple recommended a day in the great outdoors. They were recently spotted taking part in a snowman-building competition, which ended in a snowball fight when Skye stole Ethan's snowman's nose. With the way they were laughing and rolling around in the snow together, we think the couple may be on to something. And after reading their book, IT HAPPENED AT CHRISTMAS, we gave their suggestion two thumbs-up. 
Grace Flaherty, owner of the Sugar Plum Bakery, recommended her spicy chocolate cookies.  Her husband Jack, who was off to rescue a stranded skier, heartily approved of her choice. Grace gave us a sample, and while we agree that they are indeed a delicious, spicy treat, they weren't exactly the kind of recommendation we were looking for.  And after talking to Sawyer Anderson, owner of the Penalty Box, we think Grace and Jack were holding out on us.
Every year, the local sports bar plays host to several holiday parties. Sawyer remembers a certain married couple who attended one last December. They arrived separately, looking smoking in their holiday best--Sawyer's words, not ours--and spent the night flirting with each other as if they'd just met. Sawyer says the sparks flying off the couple were hot enough to melt the ice cubes in their drinks. With a little arm-twisting,  he gave us a hint as to the couple's identity. The man called the woman Ginger, and she called him Fly boy. Turn to page 122 in CHRISTMAS IN JULY, and you'll understand why we think the role-playing couple is none other than Jack and Grace Flaherty. Sounds like the Flahertys have found the perfect way to spice up the holidays. 
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