Monday, October 20, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 16-- purrty flowers, chocolate eggs & calling out Miss Lisa Salvary!

Whew. These are getting harder to do! Holy cow. And a couple I've accidentally almost repeated. Guess I'm real thankful for those things. lol

  1. Pretty flowers. Weird since nature freaks me out but I do love some pops of color. Sunflowers and Spiked Blazing Stars together in an arrangement. I don't know why but that combo has always been my favorite. And gerber daisies because they're sunny and cheerful. 
  2. Cadbury Eggs. I'm still not sure about these Halloween ones. But I love the regular ones.
  3. a steaming hot shower on a cold day. Gah. So good!

I got a very nice comment about the blog and it really cheered me up. It's so easy to get insecure about blogging or feel like it's not quite what you want or get caught up in comparing to what someone else is doing and to doubt yourself (at least for me) so hearing this gave me a boost and really meant a lot when I was having a down moment.

Today's person is... Lisa Salvary from PR Mktg Sales. Lisa is a fairly new "bloggery friend" but she's an awesome lady. She's very friendly and pops into the FB page all the time and shares posts which is just so sweet and appreciated. If you haven't checked her out she's on FB and you should totally give her a like :) 

So thank ya Lisa for brightening my day! I love seeing how excited you get about things and meeting authors. It's really infectious that excitement and cheers me up no matter what's going on. Keep on rocking missy. :)

Herd pup and I went for a nice walk tonight. It was cool enough we could both deal with it--we are NOT hot weather girls. lol 

Music has been helping! The herd girls and I listened to some Ed Sheeran and it was very relaxing and much easier than in a quiet house with no noise going on.
What's got you thankful today? Any awesome meaningful moments? Or people rocking the awesome?

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