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Review/Quote-tastic: Star Wars: The Empire Sucks C-- Not Until You by Roni Loren

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I'm continuing my Roni Loren binge reading and omg loving them! This one was put out in serial form but is being released Nov 4th as a print book w/ a bonus new novella. These guys were so damn fun. This is their not first meet since they've all been neighbors but it's the first meet that kicks off the book and romance. Pike and Foster are best friends/roommates and Cela--the heroine has just graduated from vet school. I totally snorted over these pervy boys....

Foster put a hand on Pike's shoulder. "The lady said no. I think we should let her celebrate her graduation however she wants."

"All right." Pike's face turned hangdog, but he handed me the tequila bottle. "If you change your mind, we've got big plans. Supreme pizza and a Star Wars-themed porn marathon. The Empire Sucks C--"

Foster smacked the back of Pike's head, and Pike ducked and laughed.

"Kidding. I mean, a Jane Austen marathon," Pike corrected, his green-gold eyes solemn. "Pride and Pu--"

Foster was behind Pike, his hand clamping over his friend's mouth in a flash. "I seriously can't take him out. He's like an untrained puppy. Maybe you can lend me a shock collar or something."

Pike waggled his eyebrows, all playful wickedness.

I laughed, putting my hand to my too hot forehead, and turning toward the stairs. "Yeah, so, I'm going to go now." 

---(a couple hours later when they end up going out  & are playing Never Have I Ever)---

"No worries, doc. It's all in good fun. Why don't you go first?"

"Okay," She fidgeted with the cocktail napkin in her lap, folding it into thirds, thinking. "Hmmm, well, never have I ever...watched Star Wars porn."

Her sly smile pulled a laugh from Foster despite his plummeting mood. "Low blow, doctor."

Pike glanced at him, shrugged, and both of them tipped back their shot glasses and swallowed.

"Oh my God," she said, laughing. "So you guys were only have kidding when you mentioned it."

"It was college," Pike said in mock protest.

"I couldn't look away," Foster said at the same time.

"Pervs," she declared, but her eyes were crinkled around the corners. 

Not Until You (Loving on the Edge) by Roni Loren
Erotic Romance--BDSM
Heat: 4 out of 5, Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Oh this is so not the book to pick up right before bed if you need to get a good nights sleep and be up and moving early in the morning. Whew! Not Until You's completely, utterly captivating and damn near impossible to put down. And worth every second of missed sleep. The heat, the humor, the fabulous characters and the things that haunt them. I mean. It was just a deliciously naughty treat from page one until the very last word. And I loved every second of it as Cela decides to let loose and have a little adventure with the sexy man next door that's played a starring roll in her fantasies for months. ::shivers::

The quick of it is that Cela needs to live a little before heading off to the very planned out and safe life that's waiting for her back home. And the guys next door are more than happy to indulge her need to check off items on her Never Have I Ever list. Cue a nekkid smorgasbord of man bits, boundaries being explored and a romance sneaking up on Cela and Foster as they have a little fun and naughty.

I loved these two (and Pike the roommate who was a hilarious and cheeky addition) Cela was an awesome heroine that's a touch innocent and sheltered but has some serious guts and a streak of feisty adventurousness to her that was so fun to watch. And Foster. Oh lordy he's pretty much sex in a suit. *drools* A little bit broken by his past, fiercely controlled power and dominance all in a tasty man sized treat. Pretty much you just want to lick him all over and on occasion smack him on his very fine ass when he's being a dolt.

The two together were fantastic and had great chemistry no matter if they were doing something totally innocent or wickedly naughty. And oh man the naughty! Hot damn but Loren can write a scorching hot scene that'll have you fanning yourself and that's emotional and passionate as all get out. These two can burn up the sheets, make real good use of doors and have a healthy dose of kinkery goodness to them depsite Cela's lack of experience. She knows what she wants...even if it gets her a little overwhelmed now and again. There's a little bit of menage happening at the beginning with Pike joining in on some sheet time--darn you Loren for tempting me with that! then everything goes m/f. I mean. It was damn fabulous but oh! tempt a girl and get her hopes up for lots of double cocked fun! Heh. There's some light BDSM/dominance/submission happening but nothing too cah razy.

They're also each dealing with family issues and history that could be hard--overbearing family members and "Catholic guilt" over doing anything "wrong" on her part and abandonment issues and a horrible loss on Foster's part that shaped his whole life. I liked seeing that extra bit outside of the sexual relationship. How they each grew and dealt with their life "hang ups" and the clashing with his need to keep her safe and her fear of being controlled. Parts made me ache seeing what they'd feared and gone through and then at the end...well Loren had me an absolute blubbering mess for a few chapters. It was a real good thing but oh man yeah the girlie waterworks came out in full force.

Darn I'm making this a long review but just wanted to include that one of the things I think I love most about the book (and series) is that the characters are comfortable. They feel real and like you could just plop down with them and hang out. The things they say and think are so very natural sounding. Where I'm reading and snort out loud going omg yeah I can totally see someone saying that! It's not stilted or a little off like you can sometimes get but just has a natural flow to dialogue.

All in all, Not Until You was a damn fine romance. Hot, sexy make your toes curl goodness that put a smile on my face and a little flutter in my heart. No question. Loren's books are what every erotic romance should strive for...the perfect blend of romance and erotic passion that gives boundaries a little nudge and wraps you in the feeling of finally being home. 

So Into You (Loving on the Edge short story)
Heat--3 out of 5, Rating--4 out of 5

There was a fab little short story included with this one as well...So Into You which is the story of Foster's friend Bret going after her business partner Malone. She's had enough pussy footing around the huge elephant in the room--him totally having a panic after they hooked up months earlier and freaking about her being a domme and having been submissive with her. 

It was a fun, sexy little read as the two track a clients wife to a kink resort and have to play the part of a domme and her submissive and finally get all the bits and pieces of their relationship out on the table. It's steamy and sweet and totally had me aaaaw-ing as this alpha male soldier realizes the woman he needs and desperately wants is right there with him and her kink might just be his long as it's with her.

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