Monday, October 27, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 22-- blackberry sage tea, glass balls...everywhere & calling out the Social Bloggers

  1. Feeling safe.
  2. Funky collectibles. I've got a ceiling covered in glass balls, elephants in every room, bottles from around the world  and some crazy funky are. Loves them all. 
  3. my favorite tea...blackberry sage--and having an entirely new container of it. Yums on a cold night. 

I got an awesome rec from an author <3

Ack! I'm running out of days!! And still so many awesome someone's. 
So I'm cheating today and using a whole group. ::snort::

All yall ladies in the Social Blogger.
Heya ladies.
Yall totally rock some awesome.

I love that no matter the vast differences between our blogs--genres, age, heat levels, type of blogs, etc--everyone can come together and help each other out and just visit and provide support.

And that even when we disagree on something everyone keeps their cool and keeps keeping on.
It's just nice to be a part of it and get to hang out with yall <3
So thank ya for joining in and and being all bloggery together ;)

For those interested in joining! Here's the main sign up page :)

I pulled weeds today and Sweet Mary! Some of those suckers did NOT want to go quietly into the night. My arms are good and tired. It...counts. It does. lol

I totally used it to come down off a book hangover Roni Loren caused...see review HERE.

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