Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 13--Ketchup, tagging frenzies & calling out Renee (Addicted to Romance)

  1. Ketchup--Food would not be worth it without it. (and did I use this one already?!! I need to write down my whole list so far lol)
  2. being able to get into and explore all kinds of reads from totally innocent to flat out filthy smut and everything in between. 
  3. Everyone that tags me in stuff. I know I joke about it sometimes but I absolutely adore seeing what people tag me in. Man candy, food, cats being crazy, pierced peni, It really makes my day every time and I'm so thankful for everyone that takes a second out to send me something :D

It was just a good day on the blog. So many people came out to play here and on the FB/twitter pages and it was just a make a girl smile kinda thing. I love when everyone pops in to visit and they chat with each other too. Warms a little blogger girl's heart <3

Miss Renee over at Addicted to Romance! *waves*

Alright so why Renee is rocking some awesome. She loves her romances and dang she has added a TON of historical romances to my "gotta get it right now!" list. I love historicals and she seriously fuels me where they're concerned. And I get to live vicariously through her reviews when I can't pick them up. lol She reads other stuff too but gah she is a go to for awesome historical recs. And her reviews are fab. You can just tell how much she enjoys what she's reading and reviewing and it puts a smile on my face every time I stop by there.

So Renee! Thank you for all the delightful reviews and for making my wallet whimper. 
It's been a pleasure getting to know you and oh I love the photos you put up from inside books. Stepbacks? Hrm no clue what they're called but I LOVE seeing them. Keep rocking on Missy :D 

I'm gonna have to do like 8 days worth this weekend to catch up. 

Getting there. Getting there. Maybe I'll figure out this meditating thing by the end of the month.

What or who's got you all thankful?

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