Monday, October 20, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 17--dirty minds, chapstick & calling out Sheri (For the Love of Bookends)

  1. Friends that love you for your dirty mind and join you in the gutter for a bit of fun :)
  2. Good chapstick-- I use the herd chapstick for the most part. It's some of my favorite. Tastes and smells good :)
  3. The thrift store. Two of ours have fantastic used book sections. I love going and just browsing. Never know what you're going to get. Brand new releases or ones from the early 1900s. I ove the whole treasure hunt aspect of it. And 50cents to a buck per book? Yes, please!

Realizing that my physical and e-friends really just know me so incredibly well. 
Made me smile.
Miss Sheri from over at For the Love of Bookends.
She's a pretty awesome one if yall've not met her.
We love a lot of the same books which is always fun and she temps me with SO many others.
She's a fab mom and now fostering a pup which---aws!

Sheri thank you for being you. For indulging my monster porn and pierced cock obsessions and for attempting to get my Netgalley in order and failing miserably with me on not picking up more. For letting me rant and squee. And just for being an awesome reader friend. <3

Herd pup and I were going to walk but it got a bit too cold and dark on us so today just had to settle for unpacking a storage unit and moving things around. Good workout really. *nods*

I...might be figuring this one out. 

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