Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 21--swearing like a sailor, awesome grocery stores & calling out Braine (Talk Supe)

Whew boy these are getting harder and harder now that it's up in the 60s. lol I keep almost repeating myself.
  1. dirty words. But...yall know that I'm sure. lol
  2. having been able to travel quite a bit in my life and visit amazing places with amazing people.
  3. being able to smell my favorite smells...rain storms, fresh cut grass, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon, puppy breath and coffee to name a few

 I went to the grocery for baking supplies and just couldn't find it except for a VERY pricey organic/gourmet version. I went up to ask if I was maybe looking in the wrong spot and the guy goes no sorry we don't have that anymore. They had it in semi-sweet just not bittersweet chocolate which is what I need. So he offered to price match them for me. Then got called to something else so I had to wait (only like 5 minutes) so when he came back he's all here's what we're gonna do since you had to wait and we don't have what you want. I'm just going to give you this one (the organic one) for free instead to make up for it. 

How nice was that? I couldn't believe. So I got a box of $13 bittersweet baking chocolate for free.
I really appreciate a store that cares about it's customers.
I shop there often and this is one of the reasons they keep me coming back. It's nice to know that a big chain store will do something like that now and again. 

Heeeelllloooo Braine *waves*
Yall that don't know...she's the one behind Talk Supe :D

Soo Braine today's your day for being called out Bwahahaha!
Really though huh you are rocking some awesome.
I've really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and always get a nice cheery boost from visiting. It's so upbeat and pop-ish. Even if you don't like cowboys *flails* and keep trying to tempt me with SteamPunk. One day. One day. Maybe.

Love your reviews and how you always let your opinions be known and checking out your interviews and suped up posts. It's just a fun spot to visit and I appreciate all the time you put into it and hoping over to visit here. <3

I did some hardcore cleaning today. Like the kind that makes all your bits feel like mush.
Counting it. 

Okay, it's getting quieter in my head.
I still have a tendency to slip into list making.
But I love lists. I think that was like #14 of the I'm thankful fors. So I'm good with that.

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