Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 10--lists, awesome grocery stores and calling out...Tracy a book pixie :D

Hrm. I seem to be getting even more behind and I don't know how! lol I could swear I'm posting one a day. *flails* It might turn into a 34 day no fail happiness challenge. lol

  1. Lists--I love making lists. Any kind. I have like 30 lists going for one thing or another. I love crossing things off of them. It's such a power rush that absolute control of marking through one. Gaaaaaahhhh take that! you list item! Yeah. I know. I'm weird.
  2. The perfect office supply. You know when you finally find that favorite pen or notebook or post it note and have to buy like 20 of them because what if they discontinue it?!! You love this X, Y or Z. 
  3. Christmas decorations. I love them. As is evident by the walk in closet crammed full of them. Come on Dec 1! I am ready to pull everything out and make the house look like it barfed the Christmas Spirit!

Well it wasn't me doing it but I went to my grocery store and noticed they now have reserved spots for Veterans. I thought that was really pretty dang awesome.

Miss Tracy from over at Book Loving Pixie :) 
You dear are fab! I so enjoy the man candies you share and how passionate you are about the authors you adore. I always enjoy visiting with you on FB and seeing whats happening way over on your side of the pond :) You definitely bring some cheer to the day and it's greatly appreciated :)

For yall that don't know her be sure to say hey and check out her blog. Monday's are for Man Candy and whew boy Tracy is good at Man Candy!

Fuck you cardio! Decided I'm having that donut instead. And I did! And it was good.
My ass is good getting a wee bit wider but I'm good with that because it was tasty.

I worked on a list. It went well.

What are you thankful for? Have a person you think needs to know they rock? Share em!
How goes the cardio and meditation?

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