Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 9--Donuts, quirky houses and calling our Leah!

1. Living somewhere where pretty much everything I need is in 5 miles of my house. Literally. 5 miles. Maybe not even that. lol
2. My house. It may not be clean all the time. ::snort:: Or the most elegant or fancy place around. But I love my house and all it's quirky bits. From a slightly slanted floor in the guest room to the wall decoupaged with year book pages from the 50s to the wall to wall bookcases and weird and random art--including a Chinese paper chicken "print"--to the dining room with pink paint cat paws running across it and the baseboard with dog nail marks from stretching babies. It's a lived in place that's been a good home for me and the herd the last 10 years and suits us rather well :D
3. a little time to be creative when the urge strikes. This week it's still my nails. I'm having fun with it. This is take two. I went a little fast in my designs and got bubbles in a couple of them. Lesson learned. Slow, Anna. Slow.

An author I did a review for tweeted some very nice notes that made me smile.
It's the little stuff I guess. Small things keep coming to mind.
But it really made my day to know how much she appreciated my review and time and that my review touched her. 

Today's someone is Leah :) Hiya Leah! 
We met via the blog I think last Christmas it was maybe? I'm so bad at remembering times. 

Leah's just one of those people that's good for the soul I think.
You know what I'm talking about? Like you visit with them and you just feel better and refreshed.
Happy and more balanced.
That would be Leah.

 And we've not even really "met" yet. One day hopefully though since she's another Carolina girl.
She's also an awesome herd mama and loves kilted heroes and is passionate about books and nature (I'll forgive her that last little big *nods*) and is just a good person.

So Leah. You rock Missy. And I'm so glad to have you as a friend. If yall see her around here be sure to say hi to her :)

Whoever thought this challenge up and decide that cardio would make me happy is an idiot.
A donut would make me happy. A donut. Not cardio. smh

That's right. I said it. A donut. A donut would make my ass happy. Wide but happy.
I'm good with that too. Mmhm.

I'm just accepting the fact that I make lists in my head constantly.
What to read next, blog posts to do, recipes to try, errands to run, projects I want to do, nail polish designs to try. I'm just going with it.

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