Friday, October 24, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 20--cardio can bite me, inappropriately naughty things & calling out Pat Fordyce & Mary (The Book Swarm)

  1. my curiosity. I so got it from my granddad who was a doctor/inventor and always curious and exploring things. It can get me in trouble now and again but I love that there are things that interest me and that weird random questions pop in my head and I'm able to just see where they go.
  2. inappropriately naughty things. kinda ties in to #1 sometimes. ::snort::
  3. the buzzfeed videos. They crack me the hell up. I love the food tasting ones. And the guys doing weird things. The Asian guy and the big burly one with the scruff--I have no idea what their names are--are so dang cute!

I gave my grams a call and we had a nice chat. She's an awesome one and so dang cute.
I wish I got to see her more often but glad I can call and visit for a bit :)

Okay two for today since I skimped yesterday.

First Miss Pat Fordyce. She's one of the ladies I met I think via a FB group and is just an amazing person. She was my first Kitten Confessions confessor too! lol

So why Pat's rocking some awesome. Pretty much she's just her.
She always makes me smile, recommends amazing reads and is one of the most awesome grandmoms out there. Her little bit is just darling. 

So Pat thank you for being you. For being there when I need to talk through a bookish issue, for being a wonderful friend even though we've not met in person) and just being you. Your family has been such an inspiration this past year and really touched my heart with how you handled everything you've been through. Yall amaze me and I'm so glad to have known you these past couple years.


And...Mary from The Book Swarm who is a fairly new bookish friend and a pretty awesome blogger!

*waves* Hey Mary!

Yes you dear are rocking some awesome.
I absolutely love visiting your blog. From the funky cool graphics to the variety of reviews it's just a fun place to visit and always interesting.

I'm terribly impressed--and seriously jealous--of your Do It In 140 tweet reviews and love the book dates you do.
I'm so glad to have hooked up with your blog earlier this year and really appreciate what you do. *nods* When I'm feeling a bit dreary bloggery wise I always get a nice boost from stopping by so keep on keeping on. You're an awesome one :)

For yall that don't know her yet you should definitely give her a visit :)

Yeah. I got nuttin. I cleaned around the house so some calorie burning there but other than that the day just got away with me and then was today. Oops!

Yep I kinda feel like I'm rocking this one right now. 
Judy's music suggestion was what I needed. Thank ya!
Now I need to find a couple more tracks that'll work for me since I'm wearing this one out. lol

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