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Rock the Blog-- Backing up your Blogger blog!

Rock the Blog is a "How To" for bloggers!

From graphics to html and all kinds of bloggery goodness!

Since I'm based on Blogger most posts will revolve around the Blogger platform though some ideas may apply to Wordpress as well.

*waves* Well it has been a while since I've done one of these. Dang how the time can motor!
But I wanted to get this post out before Blog Ahead kicks off next week. So...

Today's post is a pretty easy one but so damn important.

How to back up your Blogger blog.

This is a two part process but really should take less than 5 minutes total time and can save a LOT of heartache should something ever happen to your blog.

Part One--Backing up your actual posts

In your settings section click Other. It'll pop open this page and you want to click Export Blog.

This'll give you a download option for an .xml file.
Save this somewhere you won't lose it on your computer.
It'll be dated with your download date.

THIS NEXT BIT IS ONLY IF YOU NEED TO RESTORE YOUR BLOG OR MOVE ITIf you're just backing up your files you do NOT need to do this next couple steps. I'm just including them for future use.

If something ever happens to your blog. You need to move to another platform, there's a glitch and you lose posts, your blog is closed for whatever can then import that file and it'll have all of your posts--published, drafts, pre-schedules there for you.

You just go back to Settings > Other then click Import Blog and select the most current .xml file you'd saved.

If your blog is fine and you're not moving though you don't need to do the import step. This is only to show what to do IF you need to recover your blog posts at a later date :)

It gives you the option of automatically publishing ALL of those posts or not. I opted not to publish mine and got an (imported) tag added to my posts files. Not sure if that happens when you opt to have them direct published but didn't want to check that out and have double posts everywhere on herding cats. lol Either way all of your posts you've published or worked on will now be accessible. 

I'd recommend doing this fairly often. I'm going to do every couple weeks so that if something does happen and the blog crashes I won't have lost too much. It is a very long doc--just a heads up. Mine when I opened it was over 6000 pages long. It comes out in html format.

Part Two--Saving your Template!

You also need to save your template. This is a good thing to do any time you're planning on working on your template and altering your blog's main html files. Just in case something goes wrong you want to be able to restore your old template and have colors/layout/etc saved.

Go to Template then in the right hand corner there will be a Backup/Restore button.
Click that.

Then download your full template.

If you ever need to restore your bog this is also the spot to do it.
Just upload the saved template and you're good to go.

Aaaaannnd that's it for today. It's a pretty simple one but again so dang imortant to do on a regular basis. You just never know what could happen and with how many hours we all spend working on posts, reviews, etc it's best to be prepared and take a couple minutes now and again to save a file than to have something strike and lose everything you've worked on.

If you have any questions or comments let me know!
Same if you have suggestions for future Rock the Blog posts.
These are Blogger focused so yall on Blogspot blogs like me feel free to reach out.
If I know how to do it I'll pass on the info or do my best to figure it out for ya :)


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