Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 7

Whew! I got myself a day behind it looks like in posting. I kinda fell asleep before finishing this last night and didn't get to put it up. So a day behind but will catch up eventually :)

  1. Getting to take a little time out during the day to let my creativity flow. Even if it is just on my nails :) 
  2. Candles that smell yummy
  3. The UPS man. Did I mention him before? It's hard resisting the urge to climb and lick him. He brings me so many pretties. 
My mama sent me a toaster :) She loves me. lol I know it sounds silly but I lost my toaster way earlier this summer and just hadn't gotten around to replacing it and she sent me the cutest toaster. It's a little retro looking and so "me". Good to be loved :)

For anyone wanting their very own George the pic about takes you to Amazon :D

*waves* Kitt from over at theinnerwildkat!
Kitt is a hoot and into the naughty :)  
She's an fab lady and fun to hang out with. 
Completely open to talking about pretty much anything from serious to silly. 
She's also very up on sexual well being and educating people on different topics about sexual heath which I think is pretty awesome. 
And she's an author! Yall should check her out :) 
She also tags me in some lovely pictures and links and just makes me smile :)

Does yardwork count? I'm counting it. I am. 

 Not feeling the Zens. I can't stop making to-do lists. lol

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