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Doms of Dark Haven Anthology w/ Cartwright, McBride, Sinclair

Three women, three Doms. One extraordinary night. Welcome to Dark Haven, and may all of your darkest wishes come true...

Type: Erotica- BDSM/ One with paranormal (shifters)
Heat: 4.5 out of 5--anal play, bondage, public displays, BDSM, etc
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Oh yes, Doms of Dark Haven was an absolute treat of an anthology! A Victorian style theme night at Dark Haven and three couples finding all kinds of kinky mischief to get up to. I loved the set up. Each author focused on one couple during the theme night. There were slight overlaps as the different characters ran into each other during the night and it was just so much fun seeing those connections during this slice of time. This was a very hot and steamy read and a nice showcase of the three authors. While they all didn't hit me quite as hard I enjoyed each of the offerings and can't wait to read more from each of the ladies.

Met Her Match (A Hawkeye Story) by Sierra Cartwright
Rating 3.5 out of 5

The quick of it is that sometimes men...are oblivious and can't see the little subbie in front of them until someone else is smacking her ass. And of course they see red because...hey! that's their subbie! Such is the dilemma that is Torin and his work partner Mira who has had a crush on him for years and he's just now seeing in that kinked out light.
Met Her Match was pretty fun. I really enjoyed Mira and Torin. Granted he can make a girl want to knee him in the nads with his alpha male posturing but he's still pretty sexy with his Irish brogue and rippling muscles. And Mira is a firecracker who knows what she wants and needs and is gonna make it happen. While she has submissive tendencies the woman is fierce and a fighter in life and it definitely shows. She struggles sometimes with her submissive ways and it's really quite the riot.
"I'm impatient; the sub is impatient. I want you inside me."


"She," Mira said with a sigh. "She. The sub. You know, the woman on the table, waiting to be fucked. Dying here."

He laughed. No matter how hard she tried, no matter how much she was into a scene, she couldn't hide her natural personality. And to tell the truth, he didn't want her to.
The sex scenes were scorching hot and the two definitely explosive together as they figure out how to have a BDSM relationship and not let that interfere with their work relationship where they deal with life threatening assignments and danger on a regular basis. While most of the novella was focused on their BDSM explorations there was a nice little dollop of their real life adventures at work to cap it all off and add a little drama. All in all, a fun BDSM romp.

Educating Evangeline by Belinda McBride
Rating: 5 out of 5

The quick of it is that Evangeline has someone hunting her when she leaves work and in her panic she ducks into a building with a group of party goers only to find herself...in a BDSM club. Woowee! Not only that she runs smack into an alpha wolf. One that's taking in on himself to make sure she's safe and that the lone wolf learns how to protect herself and embrace her wolfish side.
Educating Evangeline was quite the unexpected read seeing as it...a paranormal! And I absolutely loved it! As I was reading and the number of pages started to dwindle I couldn't stop myself from thinking NO! I'm not ready for it to end! I was totally captivated by McBride's world and wanted more time with this group.

I love chance encounters that turn into something more so Evangeline literally running into Harte while she was trying to escape hunters totally worked for me. She's been a lone wolf for most of her life and seeing her learning wolfy things thanks to Harte was pretty neat. This was a case of fated mates so things escalate very quickly but it really worked. These two fit each other perfectly and really helped the other become better people. They've both been lonely and just needed one another and gah it totally gave my heart a little tweak.
"Who am I, Evangeline?" he whispered in her ear, praying that she understood what he was asking. She did.

"You're my mate."

Harte closed his eyes hard, feeling the magic of the moment sweep over him. A true mating. He'd never thought to experience it.

"When this night is over and done with, where will you be?"

"With you. I'll be with you."

He sighed, and the terrible knot that had been in his chest for so very long suddenly loosened. Harte felt his heart beat freely for the first time in years.

"Do you promise?" He'd asked for her trust; now he needed to trust her.

In answer, Eva leaned in and kissed him--fully and deeply.
There was a nice bit of suspense added in since they're trying to keep Evangeline safe from the hunters and then setting a trap for those that are after their kind. It was intriguing and added a nice edge to things as it all played out and troubles with Harte's pack are brought to the forefront.

The drama and betrayals that crept in, the first meet and the paranormal elements added into the mix of wolf shifters being at Dark Haven made for one seriously seductive read. Educating Evangeline was sexy as hell, exciting and had an awesome secondary character I want to know so much more about. It definitely has me hooked and wanting to read a lot more from McBride.

Simon Says: Mine by Cherise Sinclair
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The quick of it is that... Rona is finally free. Her kids are away at college and she's no longer in a loveless marriage and she's ready to explore. And one of the top things on her new bucket list is visiting a BDSM club for a little looksee. Only she catches the eye of one studly Master who tests her limits and gets her actually participating. Not just watching. 
Oh Cherise Sinclair never fails to deliver! Simon Says totally made me shiver and had me grinning as Rona sets her sights on having a little adventure and finds her hands overflowing with one seriously captivating Master. Rona is a little bit older--she has grown kids--and is sweet and funny. It's her first time around BDSM outside of reading and omg some of her reactions to things were just hilarious. I had so much fun watching her explore. She was just a great heroine. She had some insecurities--namely about her body--but she was also very outspoken and a natural caretaker which overpowered her decisions now and again and just made me adore her. She was a great paring for the reserved Simon who was just quite the presence. I loved him. You could totally feel the power behind him seeping off the pages. He's also one that knows what he wants and doesn't run from it. LOVE when heroes are like that.

Simon did end up having to chase Rona a bit. She was rather skittish and whew after a little bit I wanted to give her a shake and tell her to stop running. That man was FINE! lol
"Does she have any hard limits or requests?"

"No blood sports. No anal. She wanted to play the rest by ear and chose 'Houston' for a safe word."

"As in 'Houston, we have a problem'?"

David grinned. "Yep."
Simon Says was just a sweet, funny, enjoyable time and one I didn't want to end. I loved the chemistry between them, the heat and sensuality brought to every scene--not to mention the creativity-- and pretty much everything about it as Simon helped Rona figure out what she really wanted in life. There were some tasty little cameos from other characters from the series too. Total win!

Have you read Cartwirght, McBride or Sinclair?
Have a favorite of theirs?

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