Friday, October 10, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 8--books, girly screeching & calling out Tonya Burrows :D

I'm a week in!!! Woots! And a couple days behind. LOL
I keep falling asleep before publishing them at the end of the day. 
But they're all gonna happen! Determined!

And, you know, other than the exercise bit and the meditation--I just suck at it--I'm definitely feeling more "happy" :D

  1. Book club! Woots! Yep Wed--the night this shoulda gone up--was book club night. I ❤ my book club hard. Awesome ladies, fun times and just an easy going group that even if half of us haven't read the book it's no big deal :)
  2. That more and more restaurants are being veggie friendly. 17 years *gulp* ago when I became a vegetarian that just wasn't the case at all. It's nice to be able to go out with friends and have no problem
  3. New book arrivals :)

One of the ladies I've met via the blog and that's become a good friend even though we've not met in "real life" yet sent me an email before heading to bed. She'd had a rough day and wanted to share some funny pics before turning in. Such a little thing but it made me smile and laugh and I think we can all use a bit more of that each day. It's nice to have friends who'll share that with ya :) 

Going with an author again today :) 
Tonya Burrows.
Have yall met her? If not...amazing rom-suspense.
You should totally go like her author page... HERE and say hi to her!

Anyways. Miss Tonya *waves* rock ❤.
I'm so glad that I decided to do your first cover reveal way back when.
It was so damn yummy!
And led to so many awesome reads, favorite ice creams that have now *flails* been altered and lots of smiles. Your herd babes are just darling and I enjoy your momentary spots of geek that sneak out now and again :) Always makes me chuckle.
I've been so impressed this last year watching you go after what you want and make things happen big and small. It's been an inspiration so thank you :)

Now gimme Jean-Luc's book. *nods* I'm gonna need that one soon Heh. 

I'm using yard work again. I'm trying to get things back in order out there and it's hard work!
I think I'm just marking this as exercise.
It's full body and gets my heart thumping every time a bug jumps out at me.
There might have been a girly screech via tree frog today.

Really I think I just don't know what I'm supposed to do exactly.
I can't get my brain to stop it's whirlwind of lists and random. lol

What are you thankful for or working out to? 
Who's rocking some awesome in your life?

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