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Sweeter Than Sin (Secrets & Shadows #2) by Shiloh Walker

It took years for Adam to stop drowning his regrets in alcohol, and running the local bar doesn’t make it any easier—especially not when everyone he knows gathers there to discuss the shocking allegations that have shattered his hometown. When another murder rocks sleepy Madison to its core, it becomes chillingly clear that even more vicious wounds are waiting to be exposed.

Nothing is sacred anymore, and no one is safe, least of all the mystery woman who shows up in town out of the blue, looking like every fantasy Adam’s ever had. She may have her own dangerous secrets, but she can’t ignore the urgent heat between them any more than he can. As a killer’s quest for vengeance explodes into violence, Adam is tempted to lose himself in the delicious promise of her body—until he realizes he’ll risk anything if she’ll give him her heart…in Sweeter than Sin by Shiloh Walker.

Type: Romantic Suspense
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Oh my. Yes. I am totally digging this series from Shiloh Walker. Sweeter Than Sin was one damn sexy romance with a side of suspense that totally messed with my head. Had me fighting mad over a small town and the incredible evil that runs deep into it's roots and hopeful over those that refuse to let it keep destroying lives.

Made me want to do violence. *deep breath* Oh my god. The series has an underlying storyline where bit by bit a small town's horrifying secrets are ripped open and those who have spent years praying on innocence are hunted down which brings all kinds of other turmoil to the surface. Disappearances, murder, so many people's secrets revealed. It's...not always an easy read. You don't always know exactly what's happening at any given moment--just like the characters. But it's interesting seeing everything unfold. I'm totally being vague I know. lol It's incredibly well done though. I was kept guessing and wondering who people were--the storyline does jump heads but it's done in a great way that really keeps the mystery reveals engaging--and if they were entirely on the up and up or hiding secrets as well.

Overall in the series the romance is a bit secondary since so much focus is on the mystery. But the romance is there and the characters wonderful. And yep I 'm even gonna be a bit vague on the hero and heroine on this one. I swear. This is just a series you have to experience. But the two. I really liked them. They're not perfect. Very far from. Both have spent a lifetime fighting their demons, addiction and regret that all stems from their teen years. And I loved seeing them overcome decades of hurt, fear, anger, anguish and finding peace finally. Things are incredibly hot and there's a lot of lovin' happening. Nothing too crazy but damn, yeah, it'll make you fan yourself. They were just great together and it was a bit heartwarming overall seeing them get their hea.
My only real complaint is the age of the characters and the time frame which kind of hard to explain but just didn't quite fit for me. They're a little older--late 30s--and dealing with things from 20 years earlier that impacted them when they were teens and to me they just didn't feel the right age. They seemed a spot younger which isn't a big deal but just kept niggling at me. 

I am loving this series. Sweeter Than Sin kept me on edge and a bit anxious the entire time. Threw some damn good surprises at me I just didn't see coming, made me angry, made me feel a bit vengeful, made me sigh and left me excited to see what'll happen next. Walker put together an incredible suspense and a romance full of flawed characters it was impossible not to root for. 
***This is one series I suggest reading in order. It's not an absolute must but will make much more sense if read as a series***

Have you read Walker? Have a favorite?
Do you like knowing exactly what's happening or uncovering it bit by bit with the characters?

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