Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 18 & 19--thunder, recipes and calling out, erm, a dick pic afictionado?

Yups I'm WAY behind and getting caught up a little today. So two days worth :D

day 18
  1. Not getting all stressed when I get a bit behind on something *cough, my happiness challenge*
  2. a good thunder storm-- I love the sound of thunder
  3. antiques--I've got a bit of something family related in each of the rooms. My coffee table is my great grand mom's hope chest, my desk was my granddad's when he was a little boy, a side table is an instrument cart from his medical lab in the 70s, etc. I love having a bit of each of them around. It makes the house a bit eclectic but I love it. 
day 19
  1. a good deal. I love finding a good deal on something I've been wanting.
  2. my recipe "box" which is actually two pretty photo albums. When I came to college years ago I had my mom, grandmom and our Italian neighbor who I grew up with all write down favorite family recipes on pretty recipe cards. I love that those are mixed in with ones I've found over the years and that they have their notes on them and such. 
  3. elephants. because they're cute.

day 18...

My momma sent me a whole bunch of pictures of the herd babes down with her. It's been a couple years since I've been able to get home and I miss all of them so much! One of the herd babes is having a hard time and was diagnosed with cancer in her brain recently and getting to see pictures of her meant a lot. She's doing great which amazes everyone and is enjoying her life. She's been getting to go outside (all of our pets are indoor only) and tromping all over my mom's 9 acres. Climbing trees, hunting squirrels and napping in the sun. She growls at mom when she has to go back inside. lol It's good to know she's a little fighter and meant a lot getting to see her pictures. 
Aaaaannnd day 19...

Got a pretty amazing compliment that made me go *gulp* really? but at the same time totally smile and think maybe I'm doing something right :) 

Okay so if yall have been around you know one of my favorite e-places ever is the tumblr blog critiquing your dick pics with love

I mean. total awesome. I found it a while back and immediately added them to my bloglovin' feed and it just tickles me every time I'm scrolling through looking at posts and they're like...
book review, interview, promo, book review, dick pic, book review *errrrr rewind* yup every time I still have one of those whoa! surprise! moments.

It's just a fun blog trying to rid the world of crappy dick pics and doing so in a hilariously fun and sweet way. Always lifts my spirits and makes me smile.

So to you--whoever it is you are--behind critiquing your dick pics with love. You sweets are awesome.
I gigglesnort often and just love your sense of humor. Keep on keeping on :D

and person two!

okay I'm not gonna do a person two today because really how can you compete with a dick pic afictionado? You can't. You just really can't. So adding another person to tomorrow. lol

I'm still unpacking and organizing business stuff and lordy but it'll get you hot and worn out!
Good enough!

Music is really helping but zzzzzz are usually close on their heels.

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