Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 11--Coffee ice cream, crazy schemes & calling out Debbie (The Reading Frenzy)

  1. The herd pup. My girlie is going to be 15 this next year and is just a sweetie. She loves to smile and give hugs and for the most part is a good girl :) I've had her since she was 2 years old so most of my adult life which is just crazy!
  2. Coffee ice cream. Which is weird since I don't like coffee and shouldn't eat ice cream (hampers breathing most times lol)
  3. knowing who I am, what my beliefs are and not being scared to stand up for them.

Gonna be vague here but that I have people who will go along with my crazy schemes.
Heh. I love that I've surrounded myself with both e-friends and p-friends who don't look at me like I'm nuts when I come up with an idea but go Oh I am so in! It means a lot and warms the heard. <3

Miss Debbie from The Reading Frenzy
She rocks some serious interviews over on her blog *nods*
Yall will actually meet her next month for a Kitten Confession :)
But right quick. Debbie is just a nice lady.
She's lively and friendly and has an appreciation for man candy. lol

I think one of the awesomest things about Debbie *waves* is that she's introduced me to a ton of new authors I'd never heard of and that are outside my normal genres but that sound fascinating.
Ones I never would have thought to look up since they aren't "romance" or one of my norms.
And it's always awesome to broaden your horizons a little bit. 

So thank ya Debbie for opening my eyes to new authors on a weekly basis, for interesting interviews and for just making me smile.

Not even gonna lie. I skipped this.
I did do some push ups and squats. That's gonna have to be enough lol

I'm pretty much thinking of books when I do this now.

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