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Quote-tastic/Revew--Wait, what now? --Loving Him off the Field by Jeanette Murray

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I have been LOVING Murray's books lately. They're just so blasted fun! And steamy too. This was one of those scenes. I just busted the hell out. Totally gigglesnorted.

He pushed his own jeans down far enough to get the condom on, and then was in her with one quick thrust.

"Oh, my God," she whispered in awe. He nearly smiled, because he knew just how she felt. The two of them, connected together intimately...

"The floor is so cold on my ass," she finished with a giggle.

Hmm. Not quite where he'd been going with that. 

Loving Him off the Field (The Santa Fe Bobcats #2)
Heat: 3 out of 5  Rating: 4 out of 5

Oh my gosh. So fun! I am officially charmed by the Santa Fe Bobcats. Like. Aw-squee-totally-love kinda charmed. These guys are great and the women who wrangle them are even better--something I rarely say. Loving Him Off the Field had me biting back laughs and enjoying the hell out of myself as a tenacious sports reporter sets her eyes on getting the scoop on the team's very tight lipped loner of a kicker. Much to his great annoyance and sometimes amusement. And it...was just a hoot!

The quick of it is that Aileen's boss is a bit of a sexist pig and only gives her fluff pieces but she's getting one chance at a serious sports story...she's just got to snag an interview with the one footballer who refuses all media attention and doesn't even socialize with his teammates. easy task. But Aileen is not giving up on the hunt.

So. Aileen. I pretty much adored her. Reporters can be iffy but she was just so full of awesome it was impossible not to love her. She's not a quitter, is smart, feisty, has a good head on her shoulders and is just a friendly person you'd love to know in real life. She's got morals and heart and brushes things off that could easily get a person down. She was really just a fabulous heroine--winning over the team, me and eventually Killian.

Yes. Killian. Who...was a total hottie. And could be a total putz at the same time. The man is hiding a pretty big secret--I'll grant him that, I totally got why he was such a paranoid butthead who avoided the media--but oh I wanted to spank his fine ass more often than not for his lack of trust where Aileen--who I think I mentioned was freaking awesome and never gave him a reason not to trust her--was concerned. *deep breath* Anyways. He was still a pretty sexy guy and great hero, totally lickable and had some nice moves. He was also short for a hero which was kinda nice to see. He wasn't 6-foot-ginormous like so many and only like 5'10. Yay for some variety!

Killian and Aileen were so flipping hot together! They had some nice whit and banter and excellent humor as they put on a battle of wills and danced around each other. I found myself chuckling and just busting out laughing over little quips or thoughts they had and it just made for a delightful time watching them fall for each other day by day. On the heat front...The sex scenes were steamy and nice though fairy quick. No worries ladies. *holds hands up* No worries. Aileen got hers. Killian's no one pump chump. He was good there. Just the scenes themselves weren't drawn out or too overly detailed. lol

All in all, Loving Him Off The Field was a fantastic romance. Light, sexy, completely charming and filled with characters that just made me smile. It left me seriously panting for the next book to get here. Oh. My. Word. This football team...they are just the tastiest bits of man candy and I can't wait to see the women who bring them to their knees. With Murray's fun loving and quirky romantic style the series is sure to be a fun ride.

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