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Kitten Confessions w/ Elizabeth (Expressions of a Hopeful Romantic)

Kitten Confessions! That's right. I'm putting blog followers on the hot seat and getting them to dish all their readery secrets! Bwaha...

*waves* Hullo Elizabeth! I totally had the urge to do a hello ala this guy at like :35 seconds.

Bwahaha. I might be a little punch drunk on a Krispy Kreme creme filled donut. *looks around innocently* Maybe. *whispers* there's a couple more right over there if ya want one :D Anywhos, Welcome to herding cats! Reading to dish those readery secrets to everyone?!!
Thank you so much for having me! It is truly an honor to take the hot seat! I loved the welcome and enjoying the yummy donuts!
Gah they are just so dang good! But on with the interview! SoooOoo tell us 3 funny/neat/quirky things about yourself? Think Pop-Up Video style.
  • Hmmmm. Well, I'm 6'1" tall and cannot play basketball to save my life! 
  • I was 30 years old before I started to read for leisure. I didn't like to read at all, whether for fun or for educational purposes until then.
  • I am a HUGE Beatles fan.  
Aaaaaannnnd Anna feels really short! lol My nickname is Lefty from when I was a baby. I shot my left hand up at the hospital and all the men were just certain I'd be a left handed basketball player. My skills....right there with yours. ::snort::

I was a late reading bloomer too! Since you've started....what's your naughtiest reader girl habit or obsession? *waggles eyebrows*
I am a total spine cracker. I like to see the whole page when I'm reading. Also, when I see a book with a cracked spine, I know that book has been lovingly read. I've been also known to read the ending first on some books because I need to know for sure if there is a happily ever after. Silly, I know but that is the reason I read.
Oh! A spine cracker?? ::shudders:: I'm that way with dog ear-ing though. A well loved book. *nods* Alright, so you know I'm a total quote-whore. But what's your favorite quote that just made you swoon or had you gigglesnorting or sighing in girly bliss this year so far?
My favorite actually came from a re-read of MacRieve by Kresley Cole. She has the most wicked sense of humor and whenever I need a laugh, I go for one of Kresley's books first!
To set up the scene: Chloe is the mate of MacRieve and is staying in the Lykae compound in New Orleans. She is the self-appointed activity director and is teaching some of the other Lykae clan members how to play soccer.

At that moment, Rónan accidentally elbowed Chloe in the face, then looked horrified to have walloped a girl. “Chloe, I’m sorry!”

(…) Chloe just shrugged, though her lip was now bleeding. “We’re in the middle of a game, Rónan.” As she signaled for the ball with one hand, she absently spat blood, then evaded Madadh with a clever spin move. She took it the length of the field and scored.

Rónan jogged up to her. “Your lip and cheek really look bad.”

She rolled her eyes. “Rónan, I’m fine. Now, why don’t you shove in a manpon and tug up your manties and PLAY SOCCER.”

Oh hells yeah! Love Cole. Awesome pick :D For those that aren't in the know (and so should be!) you're a blogger over at Expressions of a Hopeful Romantic. Can ya tell us a little about what you've got going over there?
Well, I started blogging last year with my cousin Marie. We created HEAs Are Us and had a wonderful time sharing reviews and promoting authors but we were growing in different directions and amicably split. Marie created Marie's Cozy Corner blog and I created Expressions of a Hopeful Romantic, because that's what I am. 
Ever since that magical day I fell in love with reading I've been searching for great books to read. Paranormal romance is my preferred genre because I feel "at home" when I read other worldly books. You'll also find many contemporary romance as well as romantic suspense books. I love watching love stories unfold, regardless of genre.
Expressions of a Hopeful Romantic is a place where I can share the books that I love. It's also a platform to share new and new-to-me authors and books as well. It's a positive place where readers can learn, read about and enjoy books, authors and share experiences. There's love, laughter and a bunch of happily ever afters. 
All good things! Out of all the pretteh's you've picked up what 2-3 books or authors do you think everyone needs to check out?
I Want To Hold Your Hand by Marie Force - This is the best love story I've ever read. It's an incredibly beautiful story of love, loss and finding the courage to love again.  
Screwdrivered by Alice Clayton - I laughed through the whole book. This is a wonderfully heart-warming story of a woman who has a warped Harlequinesque idea of her Prince Charming but as it turns out, fate has other plans for her.
 I couldn't pick just one Nalini Singh book but she is absolutely brilliant! Her storytelling is highly imaginative and always entertaining. Her Guild Hunter series is my favorite because I love her angels, vampires and guild hunters. If any book enthusiast hasn't checked Nalini Singh out yet, you totally should! 
Oh I need to try Force. Been meaning to for ages. Alright, so, now down to some serious business...What's your hands down favorite Man Candy?!

I chose the man in leather pants and tats because I have a bit of a dark side *winks*
I chose the man opening his shirt because I don't like my men to be perfect. I love scars, tats, piercings and hair because I believe a person's "imperfections" are what makes them beautiful and what attracts me to them. 
And I chose the third picture because every woman loves a cowboy. You know what they say, save a horse....
See. I love it when I ask for one and am given 3. That is just the best kind of math ever! *drools over the man candy smorgasbord*  Favorite naughty word?
Fuck :)
Favorite oh-so-damn cringe worthy alternative words for, erm, naughty bits?
Cunt. I am immediately turned off from the story when I see that on the page. 
Favorite "couldn't live without it" snack?
Cinnamon Rolls. I <3 just about anything cinnamon.
Weirdest thing in your purse right now?
A map of our local Renaissance Festival from last year. You never know what you might need if you find yourself having a MacGyver moment :)
lol girl's gotta be prepared *nods* I'm completely obsessed with...?
Good books :)
Something you'd totally do if you could get away with it?
 Peek over J.R. Ward's shoulder as she's writing The Shadows book. 
Whew boy I know a LOT of ladies who wouldn't mind joining you in that. lol Thanks so much for coming and hanging out with the herd today Elizabeth!
It was a pleasure! Thanks for the hospitality! 

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