Monday, October 6, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 6

  1. Fresh sheets. Love a newly made bed. And that herd girl Baby G likes to help. She's so cute frisking around under the covers.
  2. a little time spent baking in the kitchen. Always makes me feel better
  3. comfy pajamas. If I could stay in them 24/7....I so would :D
I spent the morning having quality mama-baby time with my herd girls who are having some medical woes. It was a lovely morning snuggling in and playing :) 

So today's person isn't a blogger but a reader friend...Tonya :) 
I met her a couple years back in an authors group I think. Hrm.
Anyways. She's just one of those people that's nice to be around.
Friendly and outgoing and thoughtful.

We love a lot of the same authors and cooking and kittens. lol

She makes sure all the ladies in our group don't miss book sales and freebies or tasty looking treats.
Oh and she loves flip flops and is an awesome mama. 
Which is one of the best reasons for her rocking some awesome.

If yall see her around be sure to give her a wave. She's SouthrnGirl on here :) 

Marg and I went for a walk. Not horrid but blerg. Sweat.

Man I have a lot to do. Like 16 reviews.
And scooping boxes. And interviews. Gah!
This is mah happy faaaaace.
Man that was a fun movie.I need to watch it again. I could really go for some pizza. <cue> herd babe bounding across the bed and landing on a boob. Gak! What the hell is it with men and cats. It's like boobs have a bullseye on them. I wonder why guy's nipples are like never mentioned in romance. And then when they are it's all she flicked his male nipple. As opposed to his girlie one? That's just..,kinda weird. Lord but 5 minutes is a long time. I'm apparently not verra good at just sitting. ::snort::

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