Sunday, October 5, 2014

Happiness Challenge--Day 5

  1. Having a working heater. Holy cow it got down to the low 40s today. Burrrrrs
  2. Naps
  3. My mom and grandparents. They all are/were amazing people and gave me a wonderful childhood and even if we don't always have the same opinion they support me and are there when I need them :) 
I got something in the mail because of a family member that helps me keep going.
It's an awesome thing and so greatly appreciated.

Annnd today's readery person rocking some awesome...Sharon from over at I Smell Sheep.
Have yall met her? She's an absolute riot and does the best interviews. And there's usually moon pies.Can't beat that.
We don't read a LOT of the same books--she's more comics and fantasy and m/m but she's a fun one to hang out with and talk all things reading. She lives fairly close by so we get to meet up at different bookish events which is a blast. And she makes my palms sweat sometimes with tagging me in posts. You just never know what it's gonna be. Weird monster porn or hot man candy or photoshop horrors that get seared into your brain never to leave again. Heh. It's awesome.
Oh oh! she's an editor too for yall looking for editing services! 
Anywho. If you haven't met her you so should! Jump over and give her a hullo :) 
Meh. That is all.

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