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Quote-tastic/Review--are you wearing a...skirt?--Rules for a Proper Governess by Jennifer Ashley

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This week is all about Jennifer Ashley and her highlanders. *swoons* Alright so these two are fairly night and day. He's lost his wife a while back and pretty much stopped living at that point and Bertie--his new love interest--is very much a vivacious and lively one and he's desperate to get that feeling. To see what she sees. I loved the final little bit of their exchange. Just made me smile and was so her.
Sinclair let the motion of the train ease him onto the edge of the bed, and he pulled Bertie to sit beside him. "Some me what you see."

Sinclair had told Bertie that she was a flickering light in his life. Now he wanted her to fan that flicker and build it to a roaring blaze.

"What do you mean, what I see?" she asked him, mystified.
Sinclair waved his hand around the close room. "Show me anything."

"Right." Bertie continued to stare at him then she jolted herself and looked around. "Um." She touched the wall next to her. "I think this is beautiful. All these little flowers made of tiny pieces of wood woven together. Took some skill to fashion that, and polish it all nice."
"What else?"

"Well, the whole compartment. Everything exactly in it's place, everything fitting together like a puzzle."
"What else"

Bertie pursed her lips. "You're a hard one to please. There's this." She took his hand, her touch firing his nerves, and drew her finger along his palm. "These gloves fit you perfectly, like a second skin. Your clothes are always well done. And there's this," Bertie released his hand to lift a fold of his plaid. "Never seen a man wearing a skirt before."

Sinclair grew warm. "It's a kilt."

"Yeah." Bertie's smile went wicked. "And don't it look fine on you?"

There it was--the delight snapping its way into him. Not from the manufactured things around them, from Bertie herself.

Rules for a Proper Governess (Highland Pleasures #7)
Heat: 3 out of 5  Rating: 4 out of 5

So. I turned the last page of Jennifer Ashley's Rules for a Proper Governess...and did a total girly happy sigh. It was just that good. Whew! Ashley's Mackenzies are seriously climbing the ranks of my favorite historicals.

The quick of it is that Sinclair saved one of Bertie's friends from the noose during a court case and she returned his favor by...picking his pocket and snagging a watch Sinclair was hell bent and determined to get back. Yes. It was quite the first meet. lol

And so started a bit of an obsession on both their parts and one day a chance happening that landed Bertie the gig of watching over Sinclairs two young children who are hellions and have run off all their governesses. So now the two are employee-employer and it's one devil of an awkward situation especially seeing how the two of them want to strip each other all nekkid and do naughty things to each other. Heh.

I loved the characters. Bertie and Sinclair...they're not your every day historical hero and heroine. He's a Scottish Barrister that's lost his zest for life after losing his wife and she' East End pick pocket with a cockney accent that's full of life and spirit. They were...quite the pair. And I absolutely adored them together. Him and his grumbling. Her endless light and cheer no matter what was happening. She rolled with things and was just a great heroine. And I loved seeing him trying to get back to the living. Wanting what she brought to his home and his children who desperately needed a mother figure who cared for them. It was sweet and gah had me tearing up now and again as the two found their way during the holiday season and a little family healed.

Heat-wise. Yums. I really do love Scottish men and their kilts. *ung* Their chemistry was wonderful and so damn sexy.

There was a nice little bit of suspense and mystery happening too. Loved that! There are some threatening letters coming to Sinclair and thugs from Bertie's life and oh it added a nice little element. Got a couple of serious gasps out of me with things I just didn't see coming and had my palms sweating a couple times too.

My only quibble was that being so far into the series there are a LOT of characters that pop in and out--his siblings, their mates, kids, etc. I've only read 2 of the books now and whew it can be a bit of a head twirler keeping up with who everyone is and who they belong to. Totally on me for not having read the series in order.

All in all, Rules for a Proper Governess was a delightfully sexy and exciting read. Ashley never fails to deliver a truly knock out romance that'll leave you all sappy and smiling. A little jaunt to the Scottish highlands, Christmas treats, quirky yet lovable characters...yep. It has it all.

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